Tales of a Brown- part 6-musings in the Library --- &RPaward

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Tales of a Brown- part 6-musings in the Library --- &RPaward

Post by Callesa » Sat Nov 20, 2021 8:55 pm

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The Eighth Depository
The Eighth Depository is one of the largest sections of the library, its
long oval room spanning the bredth of the library building. Locked safely
behind a cast iron fence, the southern part of the depository contains one
of the restricted sections, with works on the subject of objects of the One
Power such as angreal, sa'angreal, and ter'angreal.
[ obvious exits: N ]

Callesa puts a few books back to their place. She has already learnt all she could about the few recovered ter’angreal, nothing more could be obtained with the current resources. The function of the blue crystal dog remained a mystery. It felt a bit warmer at times, it started tingling once or twice.

Nevertheless, the most important mystery was not the function of items in Gevarha’s possession. Not even the way she had obtained them. What really lied heavily on Callesa’s mind was the knowledge this failed novice suddenly weld. Where had she learnt to use and identify ter’angreal and angreal? Had she discovered Compulsion herself? Was it just an improvement of the usual Wilder trick some girls knew before coming to the Tower, or has she mastered the real one?

Callesa knocks on the irongrate.

The irongrate is opened from the other side.

Center of the Eighth Depository
[ obvious exits: N S W ]
A young woman is here thinking to herself.
A frail woman tends the library, dusting shelves as she goes.

The irongrate closes quietly.

Callesa barely glances at the studying Accepted. Usually, she loves to teach and takes interest in what the girls are reading. But not today. Today, she wonders whether the White Tower accidentally didn’t give a foolish evil woman the means to make others suffer. What had Gevarha’s interests been in the Tower? Based on the records, nothing attention worthy. An average girl, with average interests, and worse than average results. What happened?

Determined to find out more, Callesa heads towards the other door sealed to the Shawl.

The Tower librarian says 'Here, let me get that for you Callesa Sedai.'

A librarian opens the irongrate.

The Eighth Depository
The suspended iron catwalk joins with the bookshelves approximately fifteen
spans off the ground. The flat-domed ceiling of the library arches down to
meet the top of those shelves only a few spans above the catwalk. Several
small signs point to the reason the books on these shelves have been
restricted. One shelf is labeled 'Forbidden Weaves,' while another is noted
'On the Subject of Saidin,' and a third very large section concerns the
Prophecies of the Dragon. The books all seem to be on the subject of the
One Power. A cast iron fence and gate close off all access to the south.
[ obvious exits: S ]

The room is empty. Good. Nobody to look under her hands. In theory, no Aes Sedai should actively try to sneak into the affairs and missions of another. However, nobody resists a quick glance at another’s reading list. And you really don’t want that, when you plan an evening with the works from the “Forbidden Weaves” shelf.

Callesa spends the next few hours diving deeper into the Compulsion weave. Refreshing the known bits, trying to discern the facts from the myths. Desperately attempting to extract something new from the thoroughly known tomes. She was almost sure Medyr, her once saviour and eyes and ears, was affected. But how could she be sure, and how to free him? She would definitely need more help.

She shelved all the books. Right before leaving, a moment of clarity happened.

Another shelf draws her attention. A few moments of searching, and she gets out a rather thin and well worn book. As she opens it and finds the right descriptive chapter, she takes out of her bag a file with a portrait. Glancing between the written text and the picture of a rather handsome man in middle years, with dark deep set eyes and dark hair, her breath almost stops.

The mysterious friend of Gevarha is nobody else than Asmodean.

Meanwhile, far far away:

A piece of silver is being transformed by the One Power. Flows are being channeled into the object, until it finally reaches the final stage. The woman releases Saidar, puts the object aside, and smiles.

She drawls: “Pera has made a new one!”