The White Tower weakens, the Dark grows in strength

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The White Tower weakens, the Dark grows in strength

Post by Lisennet » Thu Nov 18, 2021 4:47 am

Bloodied, battered, and shivering, Lisennet emerges from the obsidian ter'angreal. A hundred different encounters, a hundred different weaves. She now remembers them all. And she remembers the death. So much death.

As if a switch is turned off, Lisennet stops shivering and then straightens, standing proud. The light in her eyes seems to have gotten a dark gleam to them that was not there before.

"It is done, the Shadow is now graven on your bones.", Chrissy says while bobbing her head. "And not a second too soon", Razhak hisses - anger stil clearly in his voice. He motions towards the other twelve Myrddraal that they can leave. Most of them hooded, but a few stand out still. Fiddler has a twisted smirk on his face. Anansi clearly looks bored and fades away almost before the motion. He follows suit, and within seconds they are all gone.

The Dreadlords stay a bit longer, Chrissy at their front. "They never like it when it is done this way; more involved than a simple Turning. More rewarding though, if the subject survives", Chrissy says with her beautiful voice. "There is a bit more work to be done for you still", she continues as she nods at Lisennet, "you know what to do".

After giving Lisennet her dress and ring back, Chrissy opens a Gateway to just outside of Tar Valon. Lisennet does not waste time and steps through it, knowing she does not have to walk among the light much longer. "See you soon, sister" Chrissy says softly, before closing the Gateway.

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