The Fear of Aes Sedai ---&RPnoaward

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The Fear of Aes Sedai ---&RPnoaward

Post by Eldrenia » Mon Nov 15, 2021 6:12 pm

Again, more of a thing that should be covered by rpkudos.

Point of view: Eldrenia
Main character: Eldrenia
Main character: Grettir

Summary: Grettier see Eldrenia Sedai use the one power and flees the room.

A crow starts following you.

Grettir has arrived from the north.

You feel the flows of saidar coursing through your body.

Grettir gives the death scalp of a frightened young thief slain in the Hills of Kintara to the Caemlyn town crier.

You begin to weave the appropriate flows...

The Caemlyn town crier thanks Grettir heartily.

A crow stops following you.
You receive your share of experience...
Quite a death count. Have it put on your tombstone.
The air around a crow crushes the remaining life from it.
A crow is dead! R.I.P.
Your blood freezes as you hear a crow's death cry.

Grettir shivers uncomfortably.

Grettir says 'unseen force?'

Grettir says 'Aes Sedai?!'

Grettir leaves north.

Eldrenia relaxes by the fountain and makes a mental note of this young man. She thinks "Its is true some can be fearful of Aes Sedai because they do not know what they can do. There are always stories of boys being turned into toads and girls being stolen from their homes. This young man might have other reasons to fear. He is still young, but she has seen younger able to touch the One Power."

She taps her chin with her index finger as she considers. Continuing her line of thought to herself, "There has been a surge in whitecloack recruitment lately. Yes, I do believe I will keep an eye on this one."

Sighing at the setting setting sun, a vertical line splits open into a gateway leading into a private chamber. Those on the streets catch a glimpse of chaise lounge before the gate snaps shut behind her.

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Re: The Fear of Aes Sedai

Post by Galowyn » Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:00 am

Really enjoyed reading this, made me feel like RP is not so scary to jump into and was a lovely read <3

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