To dance with Jak o' the Shadows...

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To dance with Jak o' the Shadows...

Post by Elysia » Sat Oct 30, 2021 5:53 pm

The gravedigger wiped his brow as he rested for a moment. His eye fell on a tombstone that mentioned a man named Ingtar. The gravedigger shivered. All Souls Day was no time to be in a graveyard, whether people died or not!

[email protected]~

Far away, in Lugard, a broker dealing in chest pieces was giving something extra for those who were in need of bearskin tunic. 'Best to keep the night's chills away,' he said.

As a special Halloween event, you can now buy a bearskin tunic at the Lugard Broker and get a 'gruesome ticket'. Give said ticket to the gravedigger north of Glancor and Jak o' the Shadows will have a chance of a little extra. You can check 1d to see if Jak is still alive.

Treats include a shuffle of a pouch of vials, pouch of draughts, pouch of strength teas, a male angreal, a female angreal, a lightstick, fireworks, a large sapphire, and a chance of a crimson battle-axe, steel warhammer and obsidian encrusted staff. However, you can also be tricked and walk away with a pumpkin lantern...

You can give multiple tickets to the gravedigger to maximize your chances (hence also the chance of being tricked). Bring friends. Jak hurts.

For the duration of this Halloween event, the ability to deposit bearskin tunics for sale has been removed.

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