Weave and other code updates

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Weave and other code updates

Post by Aureus » Tue Oct 12, 2021 2:21 am

  • Following a damane will now show the appropriate sex of the sul'dam.
  • The foxhead medallion no longer blocks a fade's gaze inflicting fear.
  • Cure Fear vials now appropriately block fear.
  • Aes Sedai can now bond female Warders without requiring the future Warder to have 100 Turn points.
  • Aes Sedai can no longer accidentally release their Warder bond.
  • Earthquake and Sonic Boom deal significantly reduced damage against horses.
  • Earthquake and Sonic Boom no longer give double damage messages.
  • Sonic Boom's chance to deafen has been significantly reduced.
  • Slice Weaves now has a 100% base landing rate (up from 50%), modified by prac % and (very minorly) by the willpower difference between the characters. Red Ajah and Dreadlords have a small bonus to landing rate.
  • Slice Weaves has a slightly longer cast time, bringing it into line with Earthquake.
  • Slice Weaves now very briefly delays the victim if it successfully interrupts a weave.
  • Slice Weaves' build path has changed to 1 Earth, 1 Air, 4 Fire, 2 Spirit (previously it was 4 Fire and 4 Spirit), to enable it to be more accessible. It remains a clanned weave.
  • Slice Weaves now gives distinct messages for failing because the target wasn't weaving anything vs failing for any other reason (e.g., failing due to prac % or willpower check).
  • Shield is significantly easier to land against targets who are not embraced/seized, as in the books.
  • Sleep's SP cost has increased.
  • Sword of Flame and Elemental Staff's cast time has been significantly reduced, and base SP cost is reduced.
  • Sword of Flame and Elemental Staff will no longer destroy your shield or fail to cast if you are using a shield, as the weapons are 1-handed. (Note: this was implemented dynamically based on the weapons' current in-game stats, so if the weapons become 2-handed again, they will start destroying / failing with shields again.)
  • Call Lightning, Sonic Boom, Hammer of Air, Earthquake, and Sleep all now respect no-element rooms for their primary element: Fire, Air, Air, Earth, and Spirit respectively.
  • Several typos fixed.

Plus some assorted Gray Men updates brought to you by Itesh. But they look the same as normal updates, and I ...wait, where did they go...?!

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Re: Weave and other code updates

Post by Itesh » Tue Oct 12, 2021 2:38 am

Just to piggyback here, all characters can now lead a horse in the dark, provided they can see the horse. Whether the horse can see you or not is no longer relevant.

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Re: Weave and other code updates

Post by Aureus » Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:52 pm

Slice Weaves' delay was increased by 1 pulse, and its SP cost was reduced by 2.

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