Meeting a Long Lost Brother in Arms --- &RPaward

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Meeting a Long Lost Brother in Arms --- &RPaward

Post by Aira » Tue Oct 05, 2021 6:00 pm

Ely edit 22 Oct 2021:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
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Length bonus +1-2 qps : o

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Total: 4 qps, Kalm also awarded


Log where Aira visits Far Madding and comes across Kalm, now a Captain of the Wall in Far Madding. Aira being a former Child of the Light and Kalm being a former Hand of the Light, they discuss their new lives and the challenges that come with their change in affiliation.

Point of view: Aira
Main character: Kalm

Avharin Market
With one arm pointing north in the direction of Caemlyn, a massive marble
statue of a fur-robed woman over two spans high stands proudly here in the
middle of the Strangers' Market as a constant reminder to Far Madding of
the dangers of foreigners. The square is lined with the large slate roofed
buildings of wealthy establishments, and is intersected by a wide tree
lined boulevard stretching north and south.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
Zone: Far Madding North
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
Some elaborate figurines spew fresh water into a broad basin here.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
The Far Madding town crier stands here, spreading the news.

Kalm has arrived from the south.

Kalm bows before Aira.

Aira bows before Kalm.

Aira says 'It's been a long time, brother.'

Aira says 'It is good to see you!'

Kalm says 'It certainly has, and it is always a pleasure to see you'

Kalm smiles happily.

Kalm says 'how is Cairhien treating you?'

Aira says 'Quite well, although rebuilding is an effort.'

Aira says 'And darkfriends are everywhere, as usual.'

Aira chuckles politely.

Kalm says 'a never ending effort it would seem'

Poppy has arrived from the south, riding a gray palfrey.

Poppy smiles happily.

Poppy leaves north riding a gray palfrey.

Kalm says 'and as for darkfriends, they seem to be in abundance all throughout the lands these days'

Aira says 'Indeed. How is life as a Captain of the Wall treating you?'

Kalm says 'more so than when we resided in Amador i feel'

Aira says 'In a city run by women, no less.'

Kalm says 'It is....different but pleasant.'

Kalm says 'not having the stench of darkfriends in my nostrils on a daily basis has helped'

Aira says 'The lake certainly helps with the fresh air as well, I assume. The same goes for the Alguenya.'

Kalm says 'and the peace provided by the guardian is a blessing, i dont have to be worried about the

Kalm coughs loudly.

Kalm says 'channelers any more '

Aira smiles fondly.

Aira says 'Yes, it is certainly a great feat.'

Kalm says 'in many ways it is more a relief to be able to make my own assumptions about things'

Kalm says 'and not blindly follow a doctrine that is outdated for the pressures the world is feeling '

Aira 's brow furrows and she nods.

Aira says 'The Way of the Light is certainly very black and white.'

Kalm says 'i think, if the Children had been more willing to change their ideals to take into account a number of factors i
would have still been happy there '

Kalm says 'but alas, i could no longer be content following orders i disagreed with, or indeed, giving those orders'

Kalm says 'and as i say, i grew tired of my other work, there is only so much a man can stand in that regard '

Aira says 'Perhaps. Even the wasp's nest Cairhien can be is preferable to me over seeing people as blind as some of our kin were.'

Kalm nods at Aira.

Kalm says 'The world is more shades of grey than the Children would allow, it took a long time for me to realise that'

Aira nods emphatically as she says 'It took me a long time to see it. But at least I was safe in Amador during those years.'

Kalm says 'I still believe the Children could be a force for good, if they allowed themselves to think outside of the rigid structure of belief they have '

Aira says 'Yes, they could be. It makes me wonder if the tenets were corrupted by darkfriends in the ancient past.'

Aira says 'Exactly to keep them from being a force for good.'

Kalm says 'I do miss Amador, and the Fortress, it was my home for so many years. But i have found a semblance of peace here and for that i am greatful for the move'

Aira nods at Kalm.

Aira says 'I like my quiet country life and the bustle of the city is refreshing. My own apartment in the palace is on the north, but I do not mind. It certainly beats sharing barracks.'

Aira chuckles politely.

Kalm says 'I have actually rather enjoyed being in the barracks, in a fashion, once more'

Aira says 'Really? Easy companionship with your fellow soldiers?'

Kalm says 'my work with the hand meant i had my own rooms within the fortress, here i have my privacy but im more in tune with the men, it makes my work easier i feel'

Aira nods in agreement.

Kalm says 'for so long i was held apart by my rank, it made things difficult and the distrust fostered by the rank and file Children for my office made any companionship....difficult '

Aira says 'I have Chil... Larry still with me. He left Amador when I did.'

Kalm smiles happily.

Kalm says 'i am glad he was able to follow you '

Aira says 'Yeah, we spent so many years together.'

Kalm says 'he was always a good man, but perhaps ill suited to the life as a Child'

Aira nods slowly.

Kalm says 'it pleases me to know he has found happiness '

Aira says 'Cairhien knows no bounds for him.'

Aira chuckles politely.

Kalm says 'I am glad to hear it'

Aira says 'The Aiel are a threat. They seem all too keen on gutting anyone wearing the Rising Sun.'

Aira says 'I'm not sure if they are darkfriends, but even the Borderlands fought in the Aiel War, so they are a threat to more than just Cairhien.'

Kalm says 'I can understand that if the rumours are true about the tree, Laman was a fool, but it cant be easy work for you'

Kalm says 'my life here has been difficult in a different way, im a peace keeper now which is strange'

Aira says 'Difficult, how?'

Kalm says 'I have very little to do'

Kalm grins evilly.

Kalm says 'the guardian keeps us safe from the madness of channeling, and the peace bonding means violence on the streets is very rare'

Aira chuckles politely.

Aira says 'Sounds like it's not a bad place for one who has had a long career.'

Aira smiles gently.

Kalm says 'the most i have to do is break up a few bar fights on occasion, and ensure the troops are kept ready for the day we see action. I have even begun to venture to the blight border more often seeking a good fight'

Kalm grins evilly.

Kalm says 'this is certinly true, and now i get to pick and choose when and if i will fight. It is also refreshing not to be distrusted by everyone i meet'

Aira nods at Kalm.

Aira says 'Indeed. Although some who have recently awoken from a long slumber still think it's a good idea to warn me.'

Aira chuckles politely.

Kalm smiles happily.

Kalm says 'i have had a lot of double takes from people i have only met while wearing white'

Kalm says 'they recognise the face but not the uniform, '

Aira nods in agreement.

Kalm says 'it is amusing to me '

Kalm smiles happily.

Aira says 'Indeed. So much for a leopard not being able to change its spots.'

Kalm says 'it would seem that is not as true as many believe'

Kalm grins evilly.

Kalm looks at Aira.

Aira says 'Perhaps there is a lesson here, for some.'

Aira grins evilly.

Kalm says 'if i can encourage any of the children to act differently and make a change i will, but alas i think it is all or nothing to remain a part of that brotherhood'

Aira nods in agreement.

Kalm says 'hmm i may head north to give a helping hand'

Aira says 'Many are too entrenched in their view of the world.'

Aira nods at Kalm.

Aira says 'I will return home.'

Kalm says 'I agree, im just glad we managed to find a new path'

Aira says 'It was good to see you again, brother.'

Kalm says 'and you Sister'

Kalm hugs Aira.

Aira embraces you warmly.

Aira bows before Kalm.

Kalm says 'remain safe, i will visit for tea sometime soon'

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Re: Meeting a Long Lost Brother in Arms

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Good stuff, you two :)

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Re: Meeting a Long Lost Brother in Arms

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