A meeting with Jenda and Eldrenia, discussing Faiz. ---&RPaward

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A meeting with Jenda and Eldrenia, discussing Faiz. ---&RPaward

Post by Aira » Sun Sep 26, 2021 3:23 pm

Ely edit 22 Oct 2021:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
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Summary: +1 qps : x

Total: 8 qps, also awarded Jenda and Eldrenia. This log was longer than the Soldier's Troubles, but a more generic subject matter, so I went with one qp less here.


A log where two Yellow Ajah, Jenda and Eldrenia, meet with Aira of the Rising Sun to discuss two incidents involving Sun Major Faiz and Eldrenia that created rising tensions. The first was an incident where Eldrenia felt Faiz was telling her what to do and had subsequently banished him from Tar Valon, which was appealed to the Hall, the second was about Eldrenia not going out of her way to open DS held Baerlon gate for Faiz. All in all, it ends up being very "*rolls eyes* Men!"-themed, with a first ever reveal about Larry, Aira's mob since 2008.

Fun fact: I never did actually end up speaking with Faiz, so accidental Daes Dae'mar, I suppose?

Point of view: Aira
Main character: Jenda
Main character: Eldrenia

Cairhien Intersection
A huge intersection cuts and divides the roads. To the east and west, road
and walkway lead deeper into the huge city, engulfing people and wagons
alike. To the south, the Sun Palace towers high into the sky, its immense
layers adding to its majesty. The cobblestone road is laid out with exact
angles to the roads that run to the east and west, and to the ramp that
lies to the south. A large banner with a map of the city has been posted.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
A Rising Sun soldier defends the realm here.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
The Cairhien town crier stands here, spreading the news.

Eldrenia has arrived from the north, riding a bloodstock stallion.
Jenda has arrived from the north, riding a warhorse.

Eldrenia smiles at Aira.

Jenda says 'Lady Aira.. well met. '

Aira says 'Welcome to Cairhien!'

Eldrenia says 'Thank you for having us, Lady Aira.'

A Rising Sun soldier mutters something about not being a greeter.

Eldrenia frowns.

Jenda lifts her chin with an unreadable expression. 'Would we like to go some place to talk, Baroness? '

Aira says 'It's fine, Larry. Easier catching flies with honey than with tart.'

Eldrenia says 'I need to check on relena'

Jenda is now a member of Eldrenia's group.

Jenda stops following Eldrenia.

Eldrenia leaves north riding a bloodstock stallion.

Jenda looks at Aira.

Aira says 'Please excuse Larry, he has never quite mastered...'

Aira trails off.

Jenda eyes Larry up and down.

A Rising Sun soldier says 'Quite a few things.'

Aira smiles happily.

Jenda says 'Lady Aira, I would like to buy you a drink. Perhaps we can chat over wine? '

Jenda starts following Aira.

Aira says 'I will rarely say no to an offer of a drink.'

Jenda winks suggestively.

Aira says 'There is one tavern that is less than reputable, but as a consequence is quite safe.'

Aira says 'No one ever dreams of causing a fuss there.'

Jenda says 'I do not mind irreputable taverns. '

Aira smiles happily.

Jenda nods in agreement.

The Pig's Blanket
Tiled floors and carvings on the doors testify to the wealth of this small
eatery. Fine dishes are served at reasonable rates, and every table is
crowded at the meal times of the day and night. Good ale flows from taps in
the kitchen, and serving maids bustle about to fill orders. A small
platform sits in the middle of the room, a place for a musician to perform
for customers.
[ obvious exits: S ]
A commoner walks the streets stripped to the waist.
Weary and coated in dust, a merchant stands here.
A strong armed man surveys the room here.
A strong armed man surveys the room here.
Mistress Dellah stands here ready to show you to your table.
The postmaster stands here, ready to deliver the mail.
Jenda has arrived from the south.
A Rising Sun soldier has arrived from the south.

Jenda buys a glass of spiced wine.
Mistress Dellah puts some coins in a soft leather pouch.

Jenda buys a glass of spiced wine.
Mistress Dellah puts some coins in a soft leather pouch.

Jenda walks from the bar to a table and slides the goblet to Aira.

Aira says 'The Pig's Blanket. Excellent if you're seeking someone to do your dirty work.'

Jenda gives you a glass of spiced wine.

Jenda smirks.

Jenda says 'I have a Warder for that. '

Aira chuckles politely.

Eldrenia has arrived from the south.

Eldrenia says 'Please forgive my quick departure.'

Aira says 'Must be convenient, although... is it true what the stories say, that they have to obey?'

Jenda buys a glass of spiced wine.
Mistress Dellah puts some coins in a soft leather pouch.

Jenda gives a glass of spiced wine to Eldrenia.

Jenda sips from the wine.

Aira lifts her glass and toasts on the present company.

Jenda says 'Well Lady Aira.. I never would have thought I would be sharing wine with some one like
you. '

Jenda says 'Cheers. '

Jenda says 'The matter at hand, perhaps you can help with. Children.. behaving like children. '

Aira frowns pensively, before quickly retorting 'You are not ALSO going to comment on my unmarried status, are you?'

Jenda says 'Unmarried? I don't care about that. '

Jenda sips from the wine.

Eldrenia sips from the wine.

Aira says 'Then what may I assist the ladies of the Yellow Ajah with?'

Jenda cannot help but glare a little at Aira.

Jenda says 'There is a boy in your service here called Faiz. '

Jenda says 'Who has been attempting to cause a bit of fuss between our two organizations and I thought you would be more mature and leveled headed. To speak to about this. '

Jenda says 'Neither of us would like to see trouble. '

Aira says 'Quite the opposite, in fact. I believe at least several members of both our organizations were interested in closer ties.'

Aira says 'What trouble is Faiz in, then?'

A Rising Sun soldier says 'At least it's not Red trouble.'

Jenda says 'Yes quite true. We are working on a treaty that I would not like to see fall away due to his poking the bees nest. so to speak. '

Aira winces slightly.

Jenda looks at a Rising Sun soldier.

Jenda says 'Well .. Faiz seems to have some personal dispute with Eldrenia Sedai, my companion here.

Jenda gestures to Eldrenia

Aira says 'Any such actions can hardly fall away more than they have in the past 10 months or so, but point taken.'

Jenda says 'Causing such a ruckous with mailing the Hall '

Aira looks over Eldrenia.

Jenda laughs softly.

Jenda says 'Sure. '

Aira says 'A man, mailing the Hall?'

Jenda says 'Quite so.. '

A Rising Sun soldier looks slightly uncomfortable.

Jenda says 'To complain about an Aes Sedai. not giving him the respect he thinks he deserves. '

Aira chuckles heartily.

Jenda says 'What would his mother think..'

Jenda laughs softly.

Aira says 'Usually a man who does not get respect, has not earned respect, in my experience, but I would like to know more before leaping to that conclusion.'

Jenda grins a bit and nods.

Jenda says 'Eldrenia? Would you like to tell Lady Aira a bit more? '

Eldrenia says 'I will.'

Aira sips wine from her glass.

Eldrenia sips from the wine.

Eldrenia tastes a little bit of a hunk of beef.

Jenda sips from the wine.

Jenda looks at Aira.

Eldrenia says 'Well, I should probably start with the conversation I had over globals with another.'

Aira says 'Major Faiz did mention something about that.'

Eldrenia says 'In was in respect to my use of a weave known as incinerate.'

Jenda takes a tone as if speaking of a child, 'Inciting arguments with Aes Sedai... on their Channeling.'

Jenda laughs softly.

Aira says 'In...cin.rate? That sounds... unpleasant.'

Eldrenia says 'They did not think it was fair to use against the shadow as in their expert opinion as non Aes Sedai, that I have plenty of other ways to eliminate the shadow. '

Aira says 'I have heard of this weave, but never observed it, thank the Light.'

Jenda says 'One is consumed in flames. '

Jenda says 'enitrely. '

Eldrenia says 'It is quiet effective. Only ashes remain.'

Aira makes a face of disgust.

Aira says 'So, the man was telling a woman what to do?'

Jenda grins around her wine glass " Quite so."

Eldrenia says 'You have the gist of it. '

A Rising Sun soldier says 'Bad idea, or so I've learnt.'

Jenda winks at a Rising Sun soldier.

Eldrenia says 'Not long later, I come across Major Fair fighting a trolloc.'

Aira says 'Worse still, telling an -Aes Sedai- what to do. About what she knows.'

Eldrenia says 'In fact the same trolloc that I had attempted to kill.'

Jenda says 'It is unthinkably foolish, Lady Aira, I'm sure you agree. '

Jenda sips from the wine.

Eldrenia says 'I did not realize that he was fighting and I know of his proclivity for fighting them solo, so I left and I apologized for getting in the way. '

Aira tilts her head sideways in a quick movement and mutters 'At least you didn't turn him into a frog.'

Eldrenia says 'He then said something very polite.... on the surface.'

Eldrenia says 'But put into context, it was a sarcastic remark aimed at me.'

Jenda tilts her head in question.

Jenda says 'Frog? '

Eldrenia says 'Yes dear. One is lucky not to be turned into a frog.'

Jenda appears pensive, reflecting on frogs.

Eldrenia says 'At that point, I had enough of men telling me how I should act, directly or indirectly.'

Aira says 'Exactly what were Faiz' words at the time, my lady?'

Eldrenia says 'I snapped at him and then issues him a banishment from Tar Valon.'

Aira thinks for a moment before asking 'Was this the incident with a trolloc named...'

Eldrenia says 'oh please don't, 'i wouldnt' want to tell you how to pk.'

Eldrenia says 'Carnage'

Jenda says 'That is why he mailed the Hall of Sitters. the crux of the matter is this boy attempting to turn a personal dispute into an international incident. '

Aira spits out the words in an attempt to mimic the trolloc tongue 'Carnage?'

Aira nods in agreement.

Aira says 'I had read that report. However, I believe Evangaline Sedai rescinded said banishment?'

Jenda says 'His verbage in the letter was one of .. demanding respect for the *nation* of Cairhien.

Jenda nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'Quite so'

Eldrenia says 'She did.'

Aira frowns.

Eldrenia clears her throat and reads...

Eldrenia says 'I write to ask for the justice of the Hall of Sitters to deal with this disparagement of my honor and reputation, not to mention the risk to my life in that situation.'

Aira listens attentively.

Jenda sips from the wine.

Jenda smooths her long black hair, an arrogant lift to her chin.

Aira says 'I do not see how he mentioned the nation of Cairhien in there, or is there more?'

Jenda says 'The tone'

Jenda says 'I am referring to the fact that he is turning this into an international incident rather than a personal matter. '

Aira says 'Yes, I can see that, but the point was that he had mentioned the *nation* of Cairhien.'

Jenda says 'Forgive the misunderstanding. I meant his verbage the tone. came off that way. '

Jenda says 'Not specifically mentioning the nation '

Aira says 'I see.'

Aira leans forward slightly and lowers her tone 'I have noticed that the Cairhienin are rather prickly, still clining to the idea of grandeur from before the Aiel War.'

Jenda smirks.

Aira continues in her hushed one 'As if the truth hasn't yet caught up with them.'

Jenda says 'I would have to agree with you. '

Jenda grins at Aira.

Jenda says 'Prideful indeed. '

Aira sits back straight again.

Jenda says 'What the lads need is to be taken by the scruff and given a good scolding! '

Aira says 'This can only become an international incident if both sides aim to make it so, I feel?'

Jenda says 'Push people enough and .. '

Jenda parts her hands as if the rest is obvious.

Eldrenia says 'The problem is that both side are not one entity.'

Aira scoffs 'Tar Valon would... should! never risk its reputation as a neutral party to engage in a conflict.

Aira says 'It would be an unwise move, politically.'

Eldrenia says 'The majority on both sides could wish for this not to be an international incident, but the few can hold the sway.'

Jenda nods at Aira.

Jenda says 'There is always a risk of tensions increasing. '

Aira nods at Jenda.

Aira says 'This latest incident though, what happened then?'

Eldrenia says 'And I would not think this to escalate to a armed conflict, but there can be other tensions that could take generations to repair.'

Jenda eyes up Aira behind her wineglass and takes another sip.

Jenda says 'I have seen this play out before many times in almost exactly the same way. '

Jenda says 'Only a couple of people can destroy peace and cause loss of life. '

Eldrenia says 'I was leading a group to retake Baerlon from the shadow.'

Aira looks tentatively at a painting of Avendoraldera.

Eldrenia says 'We were well underway in our task when Major Faiz stood at the gates bellowing for use to let him in.'

Jenda lifts her hand to signal the barkeep for another round.

Eldrenia says 'Not only did he put my team at risk, the nation of Andor could have been put at risk if the shadow was not expelled.'

Aira sips her wine.

Aira says 'Is the risk really that great?'

Aira says 'Did you not have your warder with you?'

Jenda arches an eyebrow.

Jenda says 'I do not think my sister would exaggerate when it comes to shadowspawn. '

Jenda looks at Aira.

Eldrenia says 'We were four people, grant an Aes Sedai, but still only four against a city fill with darkfriends, trollocs and fades.'

Aira says 'I am merely wanting to know the group's composition. It is one thing to say you are at risk when you are three, it is another when you are six with a warder.'

Eldrenia says 'Would you have your position compromised by one man yelling?'

Jenda nods at Eldrenia.

Eldrenia says 'There was no warder with us.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Eldrenia says 'And yes they are better than the average man, but one warder cannot fight off one town.'

Aira says 'Were there more dangerous Shadowspawn around?'

Eldrenia says 'Our mission was to infiltrate the city and reomve the Governor.'

Eldrenia says 'Not in the city.'

Jenda narrows her tilted brown eyes in thought.

Eldrenia says 'There were no dreadlords.'

Eldrenia says 'If that is what you are asking.'

Jenda says 'How familiar are you with the Shadow, Aira? Coming from .. Amador. '

Aira says 'I was thinking perhaps there were Fists of Ghar'ghael or Dha'vol, or Ko'bal about. Named ones.'

Jenda says 'Ah'

Eldrenia says 'I guess a gholam would be more dangerous to me than a fade or a trolloc, but no fades and trollocs where the worst thing present.'

Jenda nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'These were the dregs of the shadow's forces. not the elites. '

Eldrenia says 'There were none that were known by name.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Eldrenia says 'After my lack of response as to not give my position away was clear to him, he left.'

Eldrenia says 'Traveling east back to White Bridge he confronted Geoff of the Queen's Guard.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'To bring Andor to become sympathetic to his position. '

Eldrenia says 'And i quote "May I ask why I was denied entry into Baerlon, Geoff?"'

Aira says 'So you were worried for your safety.'

Eldrenia says 'I was worried about my mission and he was not invited.'

Aira says 'And thus were unwilling to let Faiz into Baerlon to participate.'

Aira says 'I am assuming you were the leader of this mission?'

Eldrenia says 'I was not the one or anyone else from my group not letting him into Baerlon.'

Eldrenia says 'The darkfriends kept him out.'

Aira waves dismissively 'Semantics. You clearly had a way to enter the city. Or did you use one of those Gates?'

Jenda tilts her head in question.

Eldrenia says 'Semantics. I think not.'

Jenda says 'A soldier is not owed a position in the formation. '

Eldrenia says 'I did not spam the gate closed. I did not lock the gate.'

Aira says 'Let me rephrase this. You entered the city while it was under control of the Shadow. Did you pick, or did you Gate, or was the city's gate wide open?'

Eldrenia says 'We picked the gate.'

Eldrenia says 'But that is irrelevant.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Eldrenia says 'Do you go around and tell people that you are joining their group?'

Aira says 'So, you had a way to let him in, but didn't.'

Aira says 'As is your right, I might add.'

Eldrenia says 'Do you go around bellowing and demanding that someone does something for you?'

Eldrenia says 'As I stated I chose to ignore him.'

Jenda laughs softly.

A Rising Sun soldier tentatively looks away.

Aira shoots a glare at Larry.

Jenda winks at a Rising Sun soldier.

Jenda says 'Did this result in another letter to the Hall? '

Jenda says 'I cannot remember'

Jenda narrows her tilted brown eyes in thought.

Eldrenia says 'Let me be more specific, do you demand those not under you command ?'

A Rising Sun soldier looks longingly towards the door.

Eldrenia says 'Let me check my notes.'

Aira shoots a glance at Larry and says 'I am loud and obnoxious, Aes Sedai. I do a lot of things.'

Jenda says 'Have another drink, Soldier'

Jenda says 'On me'

Aira says 'However, you have not answered my question about whether you were leading this group.'

Eldrenia says 'My apologies. Yes I was leading the group.'

Jenda says 'Have another drink, Aira as well. I'm buying. '

Jenda winks suggestively.

Aira says 'Ah, yes, the throat dries form all this talking.'

Jenda says 'Keep your distance, merchant. '

Jenda buys a glass of spiced wine.
Mistress Dellah puts some coins in a soft leather pouch.

Jenda gives you a glass of spiced wine.

Aira sips the mulled wine.

Jenda laughs softly.

Aira says 'So you lead this mission and for whatever reason elected to not make Major Faiz a part of it.'

Jenda says 'They do not seem to get along. '

Jenda smirks.

Aira says 'I had noticed.'

Aira chuckles politely.

Eldrenia says 'I do not trust him.'

Jenda winks suggestively at Aira.

Aira adds 'There were no named Shadowspawn around that would pose a threat to Major Faiz outside the city.'

Jenda says 'I do not trust the lad, either. '

Jenda shakes her head at Aira.

Eldrenia says 'No, not that I am aware of and he reported none.'

Aira says 'Would you say it is customary that leaders elect who they go on a mission with?'

Eldrenia says 'It is my practice to select who I go on missions with if I am the leader or not.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Jenda nods at Eldrenia.

Aira says 'I rarely lead, however, I have observed the practice many times over the years.'

Jenda says 'Aes Sedai must be careful who we decide to be in our entourage '

Eldrenia says 'As should all.'

Jenda says 'I am like you, Aira. I never lead. '

Aira says 'I can only imagine. A man on the rooftops, or one slipping through a crowd is always a risk.'

Eldrenia says 'But your man came ill prepaired. He had no way into the city and came alone.'

Jenda�s eyes narrow fiercely, fire flaring in their depths.

Jenda says 'I cannot imagine what the boy was doing out there n the first place. '

Aira says 'I am going to have to admit not having seen Major Faiz in person in a bit, but isn't he one stalks and stabs?'

Aira says 'And as such, would have more proclivity for possessing the skill to pick a gate?'

A Rising Sun soldier frowns.

Jenda says 'Oh is he that type? '

Jenda says 'Stalking stabbing type'

Eldrenia says 'Yes, he is a rogue, but I do not know his ability with locks.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Eldrenia says 'But I doubt a single rogue could get through the security placed around the
darkfriends governor.'

Jenda says 'So you have to wonder why he was there alone? '

Aira chuckles politely.

Aira says 'Aes Sedai, I travel the world alone. It does not mean I am up to no good.'

Jenda says 'Perhaps he has a crush on you, Eldrenia? Pulling your ponytail, as it were. '

Jenda laughs softly.

Jenda says 'I don't know that I said he's up to no good but now that you mention it. '

Eldrenia says 'I very much doubt that, Jenda.'

Jenda giggles.

Aira says 'I think we all are in agreement that as a leader of the group, Eldrenia Sedai has the right to include or exclude people as she wishes?'

Eldrenia says 'As does any leader.'

Aira concurs 'As does any leader.'

Jenda says 'Absolutely. '

Aira nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'And has no business crying to the Hall. '

Aira says 'If I may be candid, I struggle to see why anyone would make a fuss over this, let alone mail the Hall?!'

Eldrenia says 'But I will speak planing. I agree, Lady Aira.'

A Rising Sun soldier rolls his eyes...sheesh!..

Jenda says 'I as well, Lady aira. '

Jenda says 'I cannot fathom except that he's attempting to, as I mentioned, turn this into an international incident. '

Aira nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'Which directly concerns you'

Aira speaks slowly 'Yeees.'

Aira says 'I will speak with the man, but if he has...'

Jenda smiles slightly over her glass of wine before taking a sip.

Aira glances at Jenda and says '... apologies for the phrasing... honed into you...'

Jenda tilts her head in question.

Aira shifts her gaze back to Eldrenia 'then I expect there will be further issues.'

Jenda nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'But we are working to get in front of it. here. and now. with you. '

Aira nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'Leave it to the women to clean up the messes of men. '

Aira hrmpfs loudly.

Aira says 'It is what we were Created for.'

Jenda smirks.

Jenda says 'Quite so'

Eldrenia says 'A brave man or a fool to "hone" in on any woman.'

Jenda says 'Sometimes a good honing is not a bad thing. '

Eldrenia says 'And I have yet to meet a brave man that would not be considered a fool at least by someone.'

Jenda grins impishly at Eldrenia.

Jenda says 'Honed and hardened. '

Jenda snickers softly.

Eldrenia clicks her tongue.

Aira says 'At some point in his life, it is quite inevitable.'

Aira laughs raucously.

Jenda snickers softly.

Eldrenia says 'Though he is a fool if he thinks to "honen" in anyway on me.'

Eldrenia get a dark look to her ugly face and sips her wine.

Eldrenia sips from the wine.

Aira says 'Well, the Major has learned he can push your buttons, so to speak.'

Jenda says 'Sister, the Baroness has a point. '

A Rising Sun soldier looks at Aira incredulously in light of Jenda's comment.

Jenda says 'he's learned he can get a rise out of you. '

Jenda winks at a Rising Sun soldier.

Eldrenia says 'The Major thinks he has learned how to push my buttons.'

A Rising Sun soldier dives into a tankard to hide his mirth.

Eldrenia says 'I do not suffer fools. I have neither the time nor energy to spare.'

Eldrenia says 'We have already spent far to long on this.'

Jenda grins evilly.

Jenda says 'Quite so'

Jenda says 'We have'

Jenda says 'But the wine and company is pleasant. '

Jenda says 'I am surprised '

Aira bows her head in acknowledgement.

Jenda says 'You have not been to Tar Valon? '

Jenda says 'I will invite you for an extended visit. '

Aira says 'Quite frequently, Aes Sedai. Although mostly in passing.'

Eldrenia smooths out her breeches.

Jenda says 'I can arrange the best inns and a personal guide. '

Eldrenia says 'Yes, you should come be a guest of the Yellow Ajah.'

Aira says 'Might I suggest letting the man sort out himself by giving him enough rope to hang himself?'

Jenda says 'The Ogier stonework is .. exquisite. '

Jenda ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Jenda says 'Yes, Aira. I would. '

Aira says 'We have talked this out. He may not consider it resolved, but I do.'

Jenda says 'But we do not want his actions to incense those excitable Browns. '

Aira says 'He may try something again.'

Jenda nods at Aira.

Jenda says 'Without a doubt. '

Aira says 'I will have to admit that Major Faiz has struggled with Cairhien's neutrality in the past.'

Jenda says 'All truths become exposed given time. '

Jenda says 'Oh? '

Jenda says 'How do you mean? '

Eldrenia says 'I trust that we can keep this line of communication open to prevent the rope from snaring more then we intend?'

Jenda nods at Eldrenia.

Aira nods at Eldrenia.

Jenda says 'At almost all costs I would like to prevent war and strife. '

Aira says 'There was some kerfuffle with Tear, several months ago now.'

Eldrenia furrows her brow.

Jenda tilts her head in question.

Aira says 'The Tairens claimed they had been treated dishonorably.'

Jenda sighs loudly.

Jenda says 'Stubburn male pride. '

Eldrenia whisper to Jenda, "How much do you trust her?"

Jenda winks at Eldrenia.

Jenda whispers something to Eldrenia.

Eldrenia says 'I would like to extend an olive branch, Lady Aira.'

Jenda smiles and nods in agreement.

Aira raises an eyebrow and says 'Oh?'

Jenda says 'Yes! '

Eldrenia says 'The reports as stated by Faiz, lacking in full scope are true to the words, but they do not bare truth on my intentions or control of the situation.'

Aira ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Eldrenia says 'For the most part at least, I do disagree with a few points he has made, but that is not the point.'

Eldrenia says 'My point is that I did not lose control of my emotions in either situation.'

Aira looks shocked at the very suggestion.

Aira hurriedly says 'Of course not, Aes Sedai!'

Eldrenia says 'Both response to these two situations was intentional as you would put it, to give him enough rope to hang himself.'

Aira tilts her head back and laughs loudly.

Jenda nods at Eldrenia.

Eldrenia says 'I did though miscalculate on the Halls... "efficentcy" in "dealing" with the matter.'

Jenda says 'But we must be careful to not provoke him. Let him do this to himself. '

Aira says 'Are you sure Aes Sedai did not found the nation of Cairhien? You have the ability. Even without lies.'

Jenda grins at Aira.

Eldrenia says 'I wanted to share this with you to show that I hold no ill will with Cairhien.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Eldrenia chuckles politely.

Eldrenia says 'I'm sure there are a few sisters that would be able to point to the very Aes Sedai that gave birth to the great game.'

Aira says 'I was about to suggest not provoking him, but I was afraid of coming off to a woman, an Aes Sedai no less, in how to tell her how to act.'

Jenda nods at Aira.

Aira chuckles as she tosses her brown curls back.

Jenda says 'Wise'

Eldrenia says 'But your advice would be most welcome and listened to.'

Jenda says 'If only all nations were ruled by sensible women such as our selves. '

Jenda grins evilly.

Aira says 'If only. The world would be a better place.'

Jenda laughs softly.

Jenda says 'Very true. '

Eldrenia says 'If wishes were crowns...'

Eldrenia chuckles at her own pun.

Jenda smirks.

Aira chuckles politely.

Aira raises her glass and says 'Good one!'

Aira sips mulled wine.

Eldrenia raises her glass.

Eldrenia sips from the wine.

Jenda says 'To your health. '

Aira says 'To women.'

Jenda laughs softly.

Jenda says 'To women!'

Eldrenia says 'To the Light.'

Jenda says 'To friendship'

Jenda smiles at Aira.

Aira smiles broadly, lights of mirth flickering in her eyes.

Aira sips mulled wine.

Jenda winks at Eldrenia.

Eldrenia says 'I think we have taken up enough of your time, Lady Aira.'

Aira nods in agreement.

Aira says 'I will start crafting a response to the Major.'

Jenda says 'Your company and candor was refreshing, Baroness. '

Jenda nods in agreement.

A Rising Sun soldier mutters 'Especially in Cairhien.'

Aira nods at a Rising Sun soldier.

Jenda says 'I will likewise inform the Hall that we have spoken and are on good terms. '

Aira says 'Thank you, Aes Sedai.'

Jenda flirts outrageously with a Rising Sun soldier.

Eldrenia says 'Oh, just once....'

Eldrenia mutters to herself in complete disgust.

Jenda laughs softly.

Aira says 'Regrettably, Larry will not be interested.'

Jenda whispers something to a Rising Sun soldier.

Jenda says 'Interested? '

Jenda says 'Am I not allowed to make friends with soldiers any more? '

A Rising Sun soldier says 'Lady Aira means that I am an admirer of the weaker sex.'

Jenda grins impishly at Eldrenia.

Jenda laughs softly.

A Rising Sun soldier nudges Aira suggestively. They have an understanding.

Jenda says 'Fair enough, good soldier'

Aira and a Rising Sun soldier say together 'Meaning men.'

Eldrenia says 'We have a Tower Guard he should meet.'

Jenda grins evilly.

Aira and Larry laugh uproarously.

Jenda says 'Tibegex? '

Eldrenia nods in agreement.

Jenda says 'Well he is also invited to Tar Valon. '

Eldrenia says 'Feel free to bring Larry along when you come visit us.'

Jenda licks her mouth and smiles.

Aira prods Larry and says 'You can gush all over the warders then, Larry.'

Jenda says 'Hey. Half of those are mine. '

A Rising Sun soldier grins and says 'I'm looking forward to it!'

Jenda says 'Lady Aira, good evening. I hope you enjoyed the wine. We'll return to Tar Valon. '

Aira bows before Jenda.
Aira bows before Eldrenia.

Jenda gives a parting cheek kiss to Aira.

Eldrenia gives a slight curtsey to Lady Aira.

Eldrenia gives a smile to Larry in passing.

Eldrenia leaves south. vv
Jenda leaves south. vv