Cairhien Is Abustle

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Cairhien Is Abustle

Post by alyse » Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:13 am

** Two day laborers sweat under the blazing sun, a haze over the city betrays the coming autumn to cling tightly to the last vestiges of summer**

"Move that haybale over there, do you want the king to wander through the park and trip over it?", The taller, gruff-looking man barks.

"Ha! Do you imagine the king will grace us with his presence this year?", Brae scoffs with a snort before complying with the more superior man.

"His favorite Illuminator is running the show this year, so I suspect he'll at least look out from his palace windows!"

"Aww, I reckon he favors Maxmilon. He did do that big show that one time to impress the Houses know...think the right way."

"Enough conjecture. Look, I have two large wagons on hold here for hauling all of the loot that they be giving out for them contests. Hurry up and add a few more pumpkins and cornstalks to that display, and then follow me out into the wilds to go pick up that loot."

An hour later, after great attention to detail, the shorter man wiped a stream of sweat from where it was pooling around his eyes and surveyed the city park. Tables and booths had been set up with games and contests, some for displaying delicious treats, and others for hobnobbing and gossiping around kegs of ale. The bright, cheery décor passing his quick inspection, the laborer nodded to himself, clearly pleased. He dusted off some stray strands of hay and then followed the elder worker to the wagons.

After hitching horses to two large wagons, the men set off out of the city gates and onto the well-worn path to the home of the Illuminators, its dark walls rising up above the treeline up a grassy slope and overlooking some very angry, aggressive-looking forests to the south, and the Spine of the World looming menacingly in the distance.

The elder man knocked impatiently on the main gate. A peephole slid open. "State your business.", came from a hoarse voice behind the gate.

"Mistress Alyse called for us to come get...umm..." The younger man was sweating and nervous, and probably should have left the talking to his better.

"We know why you're here. Come in quickly, but if you think any of us are going to help you pack all of this loot onto your wagons, you have seriously misjudged the matter."

After two hours of hauling equipment, strange brews and concoctions, and prizes of all kinds towards the wagons, the two men meticulously wrapped items with thick cloth or stuffed hay between each item as Mistress Alyse had ordered.

"Do you plan to go to the Festival, Mack...or are you planning to sleep in like last year?"

"And miss the chance to eat until I make myself sick, watch the fireworks, and hopefully win some of this loot? Not on your life."

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't forget to wear your best autumn-themed party clothes this weekend! Come take some of this loot off of our hands and have some fun! ((Saturday, September 25th from approximately 7:30pm-8:30pm EST)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~