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Code updates

Post by Aureus » Tue Aug 31, 2021 1:45 am

The following code updates are live:

  • Dreadlords no longer pay 1 prac per practice session for Survival (this was a bug), instead paying 2 as with other Hunter skills
Shadow eq:
  • Poisoning weapons (and the ruby dagger's contagion), including mob blackswords, no longer have an increased poison proc chance based on commands being spammed. This will reduce the rate at which poison is applied.
  • Similarly, the sunlight damage applied to these weapons and also inky cloaks no longer is triggered at an increased rate by player commands. This will reduce the rate at which these take sun damage.
  • The duration that inky cloaks, fade shirts, and other dark eq apply contagion has been reduced from 6 and 10 tics, depending on the item, to 3 tics across the board.
  • Mobs should no longer occasionally assist rats, ravens and crows, causing mobs (including justice mobs) to attack the player they are grouped with if there are other mobs in the room that assist that 1st mob.
  • Seanchan guards should spam about enemies of the Empire significantly less

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