Roleplay Ranks and an invitation.

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Roleplay Ranks and an invitation.

Post by Elysia » Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:11 pm

I've made a start with implementing the mobs and mobol for the Roleplay Ranks. You can find a stooped old woman at farms close to cities (Tanchico has no farm nearby, so she's outside the tavern).

As an example, here's Caemlyn's:

Inside the Old Farmhouse
A dirty, wooden table, a few worn chairs, and a fireplace with a large kettle
are the most prominent features of this farmhouse. The walls are wooden, as is
the floor; probably the source of the musty smell that fills the room. A large,
heavy, wooden door marks the exit to the west.
[ obvious exits: W ]
A stooped old woman assesses your behavior with deep set eyes.

Say help commands to get her to trigger, which will bring up the following commands to use:

SAY AWARD RPQP NAME # FOR REASON (for LS/SS councillors/ masters to use instead of normal clan awarding mobol if awarding rp qps, otherwise it won't be included in RP rank tallies)

At this point, the first two commands will only work for one person, that I tallied some RP qps of.

In the near future, I will be doing two things, aside from implenting the rest of the mobol (updates to follow in this thread):
- Going through all the RP clans and tallying their current RP qps, then assign them to the relevant RP rank. Note that this does not include shows done by Gleeminators, as they already get qps for shows.
- Going through the RP forums and award RP qps for entries posted.

As for the invitation part:

If you have old written stories, logs and whatnot and want them to count towards your Roleplay Ranks, feel free to (re-)post. I realize this will make the job bigger, but people have put in this effort before and it seems silly to disregard past efforts.

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