The Testing Begins

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The Testing Begins

Post by elodie » Mon Jun 28, 2021 8:59 pm

Elodie shuffles silently alongside her mistress, silver chain clinking softly as the Sul'dam scratches her head absently. A soft smile appears on the small damane's lips. Elodie knows how to please her Sul'dam, Elodie prides herself on being the very best damane. Leaning into the soft scratches on her head Elodie makes a soft sound of content as she awaits her mistress' next orders.

The soft scratches are suddenly replaced by a sharp rap on her head making her eyes water. " Elodie, the testing is beginning soon. You know what to do. " The Sul'dam leads Elodie into a large stone building. A flash of recognition pierced the depths of her mind before she regained control. Elodie is a good damane. The mantra quickly came and pushed out the thoughts of a past long buried. Elodie is a good damane.

The Sul'dam began to speak to the crowd of women already gathered within, " It is time for this years testing. Those of you who are capable of controlling the damane will have the chance to enter training to be one of the Sul'dam."

A bright nimbus surrounded one of the women sitting in the far corner, but Elodie was a good damane. The woman didn't have time to react as the lightning quick strike of spirit cut her off from the source and flows of air dropped her to the ground. Elodie was a good damane.

"And we have our first new damane." The Sul'dam laughed softly before leaning closely to Elodie, " A honey cake will be waiting for you when we get back to Falme." Elodie blushed a deep shade of red, the Sul'dam knew how much Elodie favored honey cakes.

"Now let us continue, the Empress, May she live forever, has need of more damane."

A short time later the Sul'dam led Elodie back out of the building. "Captain", her Sul'dam said to a member of the Ever Victorious Army assigned to guard them. "We must move on. I want to reach the next village by nightfall." Elodie helped her Sul'dam into her saddle before she clambered up and settled in behind her. Elodie spared a glance at the three new damane being forced to walk as their Sul'dam mounted. One day they would get to ride like Elodie, but they must earn the privilege. Elodie is a good damane.

The Sul'dam are once again hunting for new Damane. If you have heard reports of a marath'damane in your village send word to the Sul'dam and we will come find her.

If you wish to become one of the damane send Elodie an in character letter of some form stating the presence of a marath'damane needing leashing.

Any letters lacking quality will be returned with requests for improvement.