A Beginning

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A Beginning

Post by Reyne » Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:52 pm

I've been meaning to write a background / origin story for a while; so here goes! Nothing too exciting just yet, wanted to kind of get my bearings and whatnot. Also didn't want to make it too long for a first entry.

The crowd roared as the glittering display of fireworks illuminated the Great Circle, marking the end of the day’s races. “Come on, Reyne, we’re going to be late!” buzzed in her ear, alongside an insistent tugging at her sleeve. Her older brother, Vars, ever anxious to please their father.

Reyne sighed, and patted her pocket. “Fine. Let’s go.”

She turned away from the festivities, her taller brother loping alongside behind her. Behind him came two of their father’s burlier employees. More fireworks crackled in the evening sky, more cheers from the pleased crowd. The plaster buildings flashed brightly with every explosion.

“It’s not as if you don’t see these all the time,” her brother pointed out, adjusting his veil.

A short walk took them to one of the great merchant harbors lining the city’s waterfronts. Although quieter at night, the harbor still buzzed with activity. The massive network of docks was never truly asleep. Street vendors would be hawking wares well into the night until dawn cracked the horizon again. Merchant vessels brought cargoes and gossip from across the world at all hours of night or day; their only true schedule being the tides and waves. The various taverns dotting the shore likewise kept busy at all hours.

“There it is, yes?” murmured Vars.

There it was indeed. A sleek Sea Folk cutter made to soar through the ocean waves was already attracting a crowd of buzzing wholesalers, like flies swarming spilled honey. The ship was carrying Sea Folk porcelain. More precious than its weight in gold, the porcelain was desired by aristocracy, nobility, or anyone with the coin to fancy themselves as such. A very highly prized commodity, and one in short supply of late due to unseasonal storms. Even Tar Valon’s stoic Aes Sedai ended up paying out the nose for the stuff while pretending to not be interested in it. Most of this trade flowed through Tanchico’s trade centers, conveniently located near the Sea Folk isles. It would be purchased in bulk, marked up, and sent out on heavily guarded caravans or river ships; the merchants and the Panarch's tax collectors becoming fat and happy as a result. In recent months, their father had charged them with purchasing in an effort to pass down the family business. “Best is just to dive in,” he liked to repeat.

“About bloody time!” scowled a hooded figure leaned against a wagon near the ship’s berth. Their other brother, Tomas, eldest of the three.

“Why are you always skulking about like a thief, Tomas?” Reyne beamed at him, her grin just visible under a sheer veil. Tomas grinned back from under a thick moustache, wordlessly, his veil loosely hanging from one ear.

Vars clapped his brother on the shoulder, “well, let’s get to it.”

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Re: A Beginning

Post by Siro » Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:15 am

Thank-you for posting. I enjoyed the first instalment.

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Re: A Beginning

Post by Kordin » Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:34 am

Reyne wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:52 pm
The crowd roared as the glittering display of fireworks illuminated the Great Circle,
This is worth a handful of QPs alone.

Very well done Illu....errr...Sedai Reyne.

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