Imperial Games - Day of Notes

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Imperial Games - Day of Notes

Post by nargus » Sat May 08, 2021 1:25 pm

Note that the Games may be watched at, thanks to Yonio.

The finalized prize list for today's events is as follows:

a silver-banded war mallet
a belt with a buckle of cuendillar
2x vial
200 gold pieces

scalp of a frog
scalp of a wild hog
scalp of a panther
scalp of a coyote
an ebony shortblade
scalp of a three needle pine
a mushroom
a nugget of gold
a canoe
scalp of a fish (any type - only one counts)
scalp of a vernarsh
scalp of an angry tree
scalp of a young buck
a willow stave
a herb (any type - only one counts)
scalp of a dun snake
scalp of a busy bee
blackberries -or- grapes (only one counts)
a flower, any type (only one counts)
scalp of a blue pine
scalp of a goat
scalp of a crow
scalp of a mink
scalp of a moose
scalp of a pale maggot
scalp of a butterfly
a straw hat
a torn cloak
a hunk of peppered beef
a potato
scalp of a bison
scalp of a squirrel
scalp of a termite
scalp of a large black rat
scalp of a badger
scalp of an enormous tarantula
scalp of a trolloc, any type (only one counts, must say trolloc in the scalp)
a tarnished copper key
scalp of a moss covered tree
scalp of an enormous scorpion