A chance to pick bugs from your teeth...

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A chance to pick bugs from your teeth...

Post by vaheed » Mon May 03, 2021 11:55 pm

Application is now closed until next time. This is being left up here so people can see the requirements.

The Morat'raken have decided to once again open their ranks. To even be considered for a position should be seen a great honor.

We are the best trackers and scouts that the Ever Victorious Army has to offer, and if you wish to join us you will need to prove yourself as such.

We will be holding applications for ten applicants, with only five slots available. If we receive more than ten applicants the council will cull it down based on our best impressions from your introduction letter. Of those ten that make it to the applicant phase we will be only clanning five. You can see how this is going I am sure. We require only the best of the best. Doing all required tasks as an applicant will not guarantee you a slot. You will need to do those, and do them better than anyone else wishing to join us in the sky.

The tasks should you actually become an applicant:

1) Retrieve 10 master or remort scalps. We will also accept noteworthy marath'damane. If you're in doubt about who may be a noteworthy marath'damane, don't bother turning that scalp in. These scalps will come with reports for us to read in our very sparse downtime.
2) Scouting reports: These can be left up to the imagination. A very bare idea would be to observe certain enemies and give us a report on the best way and time to ambush them. You will need to give two of these.
3) You will need to secure two recommendations from any Seanchan master or councillor. Be sure to impress them enough that they will put effort into their report.

This is what we will expect, and what you will expect should you choose to start this journey:

- You will have to serve in the Ever Victorious Army until the rank of Standardbearer. Upon acceptance of a slot any accolades you have received in the army will be set to none. Unlike other processes these will not be coming back.
- Upon acceptance of a clanning slot you will have three months to complete a rather fun task we call The Long Walk, and furthermore go beyond that and achieve rank four. If you fail to adhere to that you may lose your position unless a very sufficient reason is given.
- The application period will be open for one week. After that should we receive more than ten applicants we will cull them down within a couple of days. After that there will be a month to get to the required army rank and secure all of the tasks.

This is your chance for greatness, do not let us down.

Also: Let it be known if you do become an applicant we do not allow for you to handle other exotics. If you don't make the cut feel free to tend to whatever lesser beast you were tending to.