Sapling update

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Sapling update

Post by Aureus » Tue Apr 27, 2021 5:55 pm

Hi all,

The old sapling implementation was sometimes breaking mobol (and the game) due to how many saplings it spawned in. We suspect this has been the source of some of the crashes and major lag lately: it was definitely the cause of it today.

Elysia, Paladyr and I revised the sapling mobol. The change you should notice is saplings will only spawn 1 additional sapling in the room, but will do so 100% of the time, as long as there is at least one other sapling in the room when the first one dies. This should make statting in a single location more reliable, as long as you do not kill both the saplings before a new one spawns. The saplings will still die as usual once you hit level 7, so they are not a source of limitless xp.

Because this impacts statting, we wanted to communicate the change and why (don't be alarmed!): please report any problems with this change.

Note there is no benefit to hitting 2.tree instead of tree. This is an urban legend, but is apparently causing some confusion and for this change to cause some players to stat more slowly. Hitting 2.tree will result in a delay while you wait for the new tree to spawn in. Hitting 1.tree will not. There is no mechanical difference between the two in terms of additional trees spawning.

If you wish to hit 2.tree because of {the Pattern of the Age Lace|the Great Serpent told you to|your last tarot reading|mystical energies of various origin|rain dances|good vibes|mercury in retrograde|the music of the spheres|strange voices in your head}, please feel free to continue -- but also please know you are not statting any more efficiently because of it.

One other way to surely kill both saplings is to disengage from your current sapling when it is very low after a new one spawns in (since it will be 1. sapling), for example because you hit level 3 and want to restat, and then kill the new sapling. This might cause you to kill both saplings in rapid succession -- ie, before a new one spawns in after the death of the first one. You are probably better off just killing your current sapling before you restat instead of disengaging.

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