An odd gathering at Caemlyn Park Well in the middle of the night

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An odd gathering at Caemlyn Park Well in the middle of the night

Post by Kordin » Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:20 am

A Well in Caemlyn Park
The park ends here, and the surrounding wall allows you only to go back to
the north. There are several large trees here, providing shade. All in all,
it's a rather ideal spot to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of
crowded Caemlyn. You're surprised there aren't more people around.
[ obvious exits: N ]
Several blackberries grow on a nearby vine. [2]
A large stone well is here.
An avid Illuminator stands here gripping a pouch of black powder.
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze, being ridden by you.
A stout looking guard is here, walking the streets of Caemlyn.
The Andoran herald stands here, trying to catch your eye.

Kordin bellows 'To the park if you will, please!'

Verne has arrived from the north, riding a shaggy brown mare.

A shaggy brown mare flickers its ears.

Isabel bellows 'All come to the park'

Verne says 'ooh and he even provideed stacks!!'

Verne gets a handful of blackberries.

Verne eats a handful of blackberries.

Verne smiles happily.

Kennett has arrived from the north, riding a gray palfrey.

Kordin bows deeply, traces of soot falling from his coat onto the ground.

Isabel smiles happily.

Verne beams a smile at Kennett.

Isabel looks at Kennett.

Kordin says 'Are we waiting on more....?'

A dun mare flickers its ears.

Isabel says 'Yes'

Kordin nods in agreement.

Kenshabi has arrived from the north.

Kennett says 'I have your permit somewhere'

Kenshabi runs in to see the show

Kennett says 'no fires this time'

Kenshabi looks at the impressive turnout

Kennett hands Kordin a slip of paper.

Kenshabi says 'Quality, not quantity!'

Verne puts out the fire behind Kordin before Kennett sees.

Isabel settles down cross-legged near her horse, and re-ties her top-knot.

Isabel's horse whinnies sadly, edging away from Kordin's sparking bag.

Kordin says 'This demonstration of the Guild's work is at the request of the Shienaran Lancers, specifically the General here. All complaints and receipts for damage should be forwarded to Lord Agelmar'

Kordin nods to himself. Very reassuring.

Kennett sniffes the air.

Verne grins evilly.

Isabel glares icily at Kordin, he feels cold to his bones.

The Caemlyn cityguard leaves north.

Isabel says 'I was promised a spectacular sight!'

Verne points at herself, suggesting that the center of matters is she.

Kordin ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Verne says 'you got one, even if he doesnt deliver'

Kenshabi whispers something to Verne.

Isabel says 'Perhaps Accepted, we should all be arded as a precaution.'

Kordin says 'Aren't we all a spectacular sight?'

Isabel says 'warded*'

Kennett mutters something about a topknot looking like a fuse.

Verne grins evilly.

Kordin patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Verne forms a beautiful weave of white light about Verne's body.

Verne nods in agreement.

Isabel beams a smile at Verne.

Isabel breathes a sigh of relief.

Kordin says 'See this is why we need to revive the Glee...a few bad jokes, some clumsy juggling attempts and a bad story to fill int he void of waiting'

Isabel says 'I could tell you a joke'

Isabel says 'What do you call someone who is good at getting out of doors?'

Isabel clears her throat expectantly.

Kordin says 'A locksmith'

Mariko has arrived from the north, riding a bloodstock stallion.

Isabel shakes her head at Kordin.

Isabel says 'Two guesses left'

Verne grins at Mariko.

Mariko smiles thinly.

Kordin ponders life, the universe, and everything.

A bloodstock stallion lays its ears flat against its neck.

Mariko says 'someone tipped me off that a man was acting suspiciously'

Isabel says 'The correct answer is'

A shaggy brown mare lays its ears flat against its neck.

Isabel says 'outdoorsy'

Isabel nods at Mariko.

Isabel points at Kordin.

Isabel points at Kordin.

Verne groans loudly.

Isabel says 'That one!'

Mariko looks at Kordin.

Kordin says 'Lieutenant Kennett, I believe that joke is a crime'

Verne suddenly lunges at Kordin and tackles him to the ground!

Mariko nods in agreement.

The sun sets.

Sabin has arrived from the north.
A bloodstock stallion has arrived from the north.

A bloodstock stallion stops following Sabin.
Sabin starts riding a bloodstock stallion.

Isabel bellows 'Sabin, save us!'

Mariko says 'I'm quite sure that I've sseen him doing things quite similar to channeling before honestly'

Sabin flourishes grandly.

Isabel smiles happily.

Kennett says 'No more than your outfit'

Kordin gasps in astonishment.

Mariko says 'It will be good to get a closer look.'

Isabel says 'We are all here!'

Sabin claps Isabel on the back.

Isabel snaps to attention and salutes Sabin.

Kordin says 'Very well!'

Isabel settles back down cross-legged, and re-ties her top-knot.

Mariko looks at Isabel.

Kordin mutters ' generations...pfft'

Kordin runs his left hand knuckles over his beard, then pinches his mustache with thumb and index knuckle. 'Ah! Excellent Teben!" he says, as the avid Illuminator hands him a cube shaped device with multiple tubes and shells visible.

Kordin crouches down and carefully pulls a thick fuse from the bottom of the cube, the proceeds to remove the caps from the tubes and shells of various sizes, shapes and colors, that are protruding from the device.

Kordin kneels down and begins to examine the fuses linking all the tubes and shells, bitting his lower lip with a focused look upon his face. A few drops of sweat appear on his forehead.

Kordin nods in satisfaction and picks up the main fuse, takes out a small match from his coat pocket, and lights it, while carefully taking a few steps back, still holding the fuse.

Kordin kneels down slowy while holding the lit match, and the thick fuse, looking up at the crowd with eyes sparking with excitement. 'Let us begin.'

Kordin blinks away a few drops of sweat dropping from his eyebrows as he lowers the match to the fuse and it begins to burn, a small shower of sparks and flame moves rapidly towards the device.

Mariko forms a beautiful weave of white light about Mariko's body.

Mariko nods to herself, she must need reassurance.

Kordin dropping the match, stands up and turns to the crowd, his arms wide open. 'I present to you, the Willow!'

Verne nods at Mariko.

The first tube shoots straight up into the sky and exploding

Kennett cbecks the well for water buckets.

Mariko looks at Verne.

Kordin turns his gaze from the crowd up to the sky above as the shell explodes and a trail of silver falling stars produce a weeping willow outline.

Isabel holds her silver shield with the arms of Fal Dara a little higher.

Kordin looks back at the device on the ground as it launches another firework. 'And now...Red Pearls!'

Kordin cackles as the tube shoots up, exploding in a red colorful burst and then expands into a multitude of bright glowing stars, shining crimson red.

Isabel stares at the sky.

Kordin stands in front of the crowd, his back turned to them and gaze focused on the sky above as a series of more tubes shoot up.

Kordin bellows 'The Crosette Fish!'as the fireworks explode high above, creating a comet splitting into stars with tails that quickly seem to swim away from the burst with a series of quick, bright flickers and flashes.

Mariko peers closely at Kordin; he should guard his secrets carefully...

Kordin walks alongthe edge of the crowd, circling the fireworks device as the linked fuses are burning out, read to launch more fireworks up in the air. 'The Peony Chrysanthemum!' he bellows again.

Mariko mutters to herself in complete disgust.

A dozen fireworks launch almost simultaneously leaving long trails of sparks

Kenshabi disappears into the void.

Kordin spreads his arms, a wide grin on his face as he looks upwards. A multitude of purple spherical breaks of purple colored stars explode, followed closely by red, yellow and finally a mix of all.

Isabel notices small children screaming with delight and hiding behind Mariko.

Sparks falling and leaving a trail in the shape of a horsetail

Kordin continues to move along the edge of the crowd, almost running now, cackling madly. 'The Spiders!'

Mariko stares at the sky.

Verne says 'ooh...'

Sabin shivers uncomfortably.

Another volley of fireworks is launched into the sky

Kordin covers his ears as a series of thundering explosions occur above, followed by fast burning stars shooting out straight and flat, like little spider legs.

Kordin looks at the crowd and grins, his voice almost a whisper below the thundering of the fireworks above him 'The Thousand...'

The last of the linked fuses ignite and the final fireworks shoot up

They pierce through the falling sparks quickly

The shells burst scattering smaller shells across the sky in all directions

The sky turns orange and yellow as the smaller ones explode instantly and simultaneously

Kordin bellows up at the fiery sky 'The Thousand Illuminations!' as the sky is filled with bursts of a wide range of colors and shining lines, fighting each other and mixing together. Rings within rings of sparks bursting outward.

Mariko gestures briefly at Mariko, who now appears more impressive somehow.

Isabel claps approvingly.

Different points of light dispersed into different directions

Wavy bands of colors whirled and star shaped twinkles were falling all around

Mariko weaves her hands, creating a hearty meal in the process.

Kordin smiles proudly and bows his head, traces of soot falling down, as the colors fade out of the sky.

Isabel smiles happily.

Verne looks all around her in awe!

Sabin cheers Kordin on loudly.

Kordin bows deeply, traces of soot falling from his coat onto the ground.

Mariko claps slowly approaching Kordin

Verne applauds Kordin.

Isabel brushes aside some soot from her shaved head.

Isabel cheers Kordin on loudly.

Kordin says 'This concludes my event, thank you!'

An avid Illuminator gets out a ledger and a fine quill.


An avid Illuminator says 'Fine patrons of the Guild, if you enjoyed my mentor's performance, SAY VERY WELL DONE ILLUMINATOR Kordin.'
A dun mare lays its ears flat against its neck.

Mariko whispers to you, 'are you sure you wouldn't like to come north? I'm sure some of the lovely sisters would love to get a closer look'

An avid Illuminator says 'If I nod at you it means I heard you, if not just say it again in a second.''

Sabin falls down laughing.

Sabin claps Kordin on the back.

Mariko says 'Still not convinced Illuminater isn't just a fancy name for male channeler.'

An avid Illuminator nods at Mariko.
An avid Illuminator makes a note in his ledger.

Kordin says 'Accepted, last time anyone had a closer look at me in Tar Valon a number of Red Sisters decided a drunken Ominas is easier to deal with....'

The Caemlyn cityguard has arrived from the north.

Mariko nudges Kennett suggestively with her elbow.

Kennett bellows 'WHAT DID HE SAY'

Isabel cringes in terror!

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Re: An odd gathering at Caemlyn Park Well in the middle of the night

Post by Nylen » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:46 am


Kennett bellows 'WHAT DID HE SAY'
Some people tell me my singing has this same effect...

Very well done, Master Kordin! It has been a while since I've seen an Illuminator show.

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