Glories to be Won

... Tales and announcements of the glory of the Corenne, oathbreakers and the Empress, may she live forever!
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Glories to be Won

Post by nargus » Fri Apr 16, 2021 4:05 pm

The heavy iron bound door creaked open on the long abandoned store room. Dust, thick from long years of disuse, stirred sluggishly as he entered. Carefully he surveyed the room, taking stock of the items stored within. Two crates of throwing knives lay stacked beside a barrel filled with strips of brightly colored cloth, reminiscent of a Tinker’s wagon. As the setting sun falls through the now open doorway, a flash of reflected gold shined off a medallion the size of a fist.

Yes. This would do. It is time.

The door slams closed, nearly clipping the corner of the ornate banner being carried forth. The stitched image of a new spring rose shimmers in the evening light as the wind catches it briefly. Behind on the door is tacked the first of many posters, a proclamation of glories to be won.

Seanchan Imperial Games, Coming Soon

Saturday, May 8

Stay tuned for further details