Zone Changes: Lockshear

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Zone Changes: Lockshear

Post by Aureus » Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:18 am

Lockshear has been a bit of a mess of high level, aggro, chasing mobs for awhile now, so I've adjusted it to make it less punishing to fight in, especially for smaller numbers.

My goals for the changes were to:
  1. Balance around smaller player numbers and make it less punishing to hit at mobs -- ie, tone down mob levels and chasing, especially from LS mobs, to encourage more PK there. We still want there to be decent LS mob support there - but have it be a little less on autopilot with all the mobs.
  2. Make Ilsae less of a deathtrap for LS to hit with anything except overwhelming numbers
  3. Make chasing someone a bit easier, especially with the several exits and lack of tracking
  4. Make that northwest fade patrol actually useful in some circumstances
Here are the rough changes:
  1. I moderately reduced the level of the militiamen, who were relatively high level compared to other support mobs
  2. But, the militiamen will yell about where they are fighting someone more frequently
  3. The 2 wandering/chasing Shienaran veteran patrols were found slaughtered in the night
  4. So were the Shienaran gate-guards
  5. I downed the burly Shienaran smob: his level was slightly reduced, and his mob support trimmed from 5 Lieutenants to 3
  6. He also no longer chases, though he still wanders
  7. He has been assigned a scout to assist him, who may report any enemy sightings back to Far Dara
  8. He will now occasionally load a torc on low %
  9. There's rumor of a new, hidden entrance and exit into the passage north of Ilsae
  10. Some draghkar have taken up roost in the grain silo, and the outer door has fallen into disrepair
  11. The fade beneath the council chambers no longer chases
  12. The rat and raven infestation has worsened, slightly
  13. The outer perimeter of Lockshear is now trackable. The inner is still not. This means it's easier to see if someone has left Lockshear in order to give chase.
  14. Some twisted trees have taken root northwest of Lockshear, leading up to the fade patrol there
  15. Shadowspawn have been hacking at the palisade wall in that location, leaving it possible to climb up and over it (but only leading in, not to get back out). This takes time, moves, can't be done in combat, and alerts others nearby.
Lastly, I tried to prevent Ilsae from locking her door when in combat, but that is apparently hard-coded so I could not figure that out quite yet. I'm still thinking about how to address that one -- I may end up removing the doors entirely to see how that goes, but want to try to see if I can address the door locking itself first.

Try it out, and please report any errors or problems you encounter.

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Re: Zone Changes: Lockshear

Post by Aureus » Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:54 am

I tried many options to remove Ilsae's door locking, but it is hard coded into her -- even if you move her to a different room. So I moved bolthole to 1n of its current location. I'm very uncertain about how this will play out, so we're giving it a try. I'd like for Ilsae to be more hittable though, and this should hopefully help accomplish keeping her a relatively safe-ish place but still hittable.

I also updated burly so you can order him to move around, but only 1 room per tick so you can slowly reposition him (including breaking gate blocks). He should provide instructions on room entry.

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