A Notice from Queen Morgase

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A Notice from Queen Morgase

Post by Mhaliah » Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:14 pm

A scroll with a red ribbon affixed with red wax bearing the Rampant Lion of Andor is posted here.

In order to increase coordination with our allies against the Seanchan Empire and to promote trading and new alliances the Queen has commissioned the completion of a Surcoat of Exquisite Design by the Royal clothier. This stunningly made coat will be given to the person who most helps in pushing the Seanchan threat from Andor and then pushes back the forces of the Empress' ill guided "Return". We will remove her commanders and for bearers, perhaps that will make her rethink this plan. In exchange for the scalps of General Lunal and High Lady Surothe the fine Surcoat will be awarded.

My Under-Lieutenant, Mhaliah M'taal will accompany those who wish to carry out this mission in my name.

Her Royal Highness

Morgase Trakand by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand,

ooc: Competition will be Friday January 1st sometime after 11 AM Eastern time. I will accompany, but not lead. The Surcoat will be awarded based on participation in the raids and the result of dice rolls after. Highest roll wins, reroll snake eyes. Queen's guard may participate and roll for the reward like others.