An explosive idea

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An explosive idea

Post by Giramael » Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:48 am

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Greta asked with a frown.
The Illuminator nodded happily. A little too happily for Greta's liking. She wondered if she was going to regret coming to these people for help. Fire happy lunatics, the lot of them. That's what her brother had told her, and it had not taken much for her to begin to agree with him.
"There will definitely be an explosion," he said, wringing his blackened fingers together, with what she assumed was glee.
Greta glared at him. "Well, obviously there is going to be an explosion. But will it reliably blow a door open without killing me?"
"It will reliably explode." He shrugged. "What else it does, can be difficult to predict."
She spat on the ground, stepped forward and leaned over the little man, stabbing a finger in his chest. "You soot-stained woolhead, you told me you could help me solve my problem!"
He spluttered and coughed, "Er, look... well, I am fairly confident. Fireworks are dangerous and unpredictable. An ill wind, a faulty wick, poor handling or use... I'd be lying if I said things don't go wrong sometimes."
Greta sighed. She stepped back, but her hand went to the hilt of her sword, as if she meant to draw it imminently. "I'm paying you good money for these fireworks, and relying on your research of the specified locations, so this better work out as we discussed. If something goes wrong and I survive, I can assure you I'll be back here in an even worse mood than I am now!"
"Calm down, my friend. You won't find better fireworks than mine. As for the research, my agent has scouted the locations you mentioned and they assure me that, if used properly, a set of fireworks should have the desired effect." He straightened his filthy tunic. Greta noticed black dust on her fingertip where she had poked him. She frowned and tried to blow it off. "You should notice the sooty residue of his testing on the ground in the places we discussed." The black mark remained on her finger. She supposed that meant she'd have no trouble finding this sooty residue, if that was any indication.
She had no choice but to trust him. The tactical advantage was significant if this plan worked. "Ok, ok. I'm sorry," she grimaced, "I'm just a little nervous at the prospect of being blown into tiny pieces or trapped in a blazing inferno."
"Quite understandable, fears I can relate to." He raised a hand to scratch above his eye, and Greta noticed he was missing both his eyebrows. "I recommend you take precautions against disaster, there are ways that you can protect yourself."
Greta nodded. "Well then, you better tell me all about these ways, and go over the safe handling of these damn things again." She really hoped she would not live to regret this plan, or worse yet...

Introducing a new use for fireworks, in specific locations only: blowing open doors! This feature will work from either side of any door that has it added. Doors blown open will stay open for a random amount of time. A large percent of the time the fireworks will simply blow open the door. A smaller percent of the time something else will happen that may set hearts racing (this too will remain for a random amount of time).

Two test cases have been added to see how it works out. Both are in the north, between FD and Blight. This should allow us to ensure it works as intended and also find any bugs that may exist. Test will be 1-3 months, depending on frequency of use. I'd encourage people to post logs of this in action.

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