Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

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Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

Post by Kordin » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:57 am

Part 1.

Master Kordin al'Dendarii travels to Tear to meet up with the avid Illuminator assistant, simply known as Teben, to take him to Tanchico to visit the Chapterhouse and Mistress Aludra.
The Tear road was bending as it curved around a hill that laid to the north. Kordin was munching on some Murandian crackers and the best cheese Far Madding had to offer, as he rode slowly southward towards Tear. It occurred to him that it might not be such a ridiculous thing to stop and pick a few...or a lot, of flowers. The stench of rotten fish in Tear is so intense that even the cold weather during the month of Jumara helped. Frozen nostrils still suffered the stench.

Finishing off the last bit of Far Madding cheese, Kordin pulled slightly on the reins and Blaze, his Domani razor, stopped. He dismounted the horse and rummaged through his saddlebag. Blaze neighed happily as a big carrot suddenly appeared in front of him. 'Enjoy my friend.’ Kordin patted the horse on his neck and turned around, looking at nature's herbal offerings besides a small path heading up the hill’s southern face.

A selection of yellow broomweed, pink foxgloves, and some red Gheandin blossom. Gently picking up a few of each.

“Well, well, whadda we ‘ave ‘ere...’ A gruff voice said behind him. Kordin began to slowly stand up and turn, firmly holding his staff with a hidden feather-blade. A pair of dirty, cloaked men stood not far from him and Blaze, the horse still chewing on the carrot and not least bit disturbed by their presence. A black bandana covered their faces, but Kordin still recognized who, or rather what they were. Bandits.

Using his staff for support, he casually leans on it, smirking ‘I assume you’re new to this...merry band of yours that usually lurks around this part of the Tear road?’

The bandit who spoke before was about to say something when the sound of shuffling bushes and branches interrupted him. Two more cloaked figures with black bandanas appeared behind them, followed by a man holding a finely crafted axe and wearing chainmail. His face hidden by a hood, with a chain coif barely visible underneath it.

‘Wuss dis ‘bout lads?!’ He growled and pushed his way forward, almost knocking his entorauge to the ground, for some reason keeping his eye on the Domani razor. The first two bandits took a step back to avoid being pushed as well.

‘Das a fine ‘orse dur, make a foyn tra...’ As the axe-wielding man began speaking he removed his hood, revealing an ugly, hairy, scarred face, missing the left eye and burn marks all over that side of the head. And a few teeth clearly missing as well, as the man's mouth was left hanging open.

Kordin cackled gleefully at the sight, some soot falling from his shoufa. ‘Blood and ashes! Gadin Tonne, you short-fused, dim-witted, trolloc-faced bandit! Long time no see and burn, eh?’

The four cloaked bandits exchanging confused looks as their leader was clearly struggling to speak, or do anything for that matter.

‘Still trying to become the criminal mastermind of Tear Road, I see...’ Kordin chuckled ‘Well come on man, for Light’s sake, speak!’

The bandit chiefs mounth closed snapped shut, sounding as if he broke what few teeth he had left that way.

‘Lez club dis fenzy breeches ‘ere and git off da road. Dem mercs might ride up and demand ‘eir share, bozz!’ One of the cloaked bandits said, brandishing a club in his right hand.

The scarred chief turned towards his minions, grabbed the one brandishing the club and shouted ‘RUUUUUUN!’ Shoving the bandit aside he began running down the path, towards the hill. Two bandits exchanged one look before turning their heels and trying to catch up with their employer. Last one standing was frantically shifting his also confused gaze from Kordin to his friend on the ground, and then grabbed his friends' cloak and began running and dragging him, towards the same direction where the others went.

Giggling like a Tar Valon Novice, Kordin approached Blaze, took another carrot from the saddlebag and gave it to the razor.

‘I’ll be just a moment Blaze, don’t go chasing any mares....’ The Illuminator said while unholstering a black leather-wrapped tube with an orange fuse, from the inside of his coat.

‘Just like old times...’ Lighting a match on the sole of his boot, he used it to light the fuse and began walking down the path on which the bandits ran.

*An explosion, some broken bones, charred heads, three carrots and two hours later....*

Tear’s docks were wet and dark. Nevertheless, the large flat stones that made them provided a firm footing. Dockworkers tossed ropes to sailors onboard various vessels trying to dock, moving crates of various goods intended for the rich Tairen markets, and others tying pieces of cloth soaked in water with various flowers in it, to combat the lingering smell of fish.

“Sparks!” Teben jumped slightly after hearing his old nickname from his Apprentice days.

“Master Kordin! Good to see you!” The young avid Illuminator smiled as Kordin clapped him on his back, while shaking his other hand.

“And you as well, Brother Teben. It’s been a long time, but I suppose we’ll have plenty of time to catch up on this voyage.” Kordin shifted his look from the avid Illuminator, to the bags and backpacks at their feet. “I assume you brought everything we need?

Teben took one more look at everything and nodded. ‘Yes Master, all is packed safely and ready....I was actually worried you wouldn’t show up on time. Did you run into trouble riding from Far Madding?”

‘Oh, I ran into an old acquaintance.’ Kordin said as he picked up one of the backpacks ‘Perhaps you’ve met him too if you ever traveled on the road leading north.’

‘I’m not sure, perhaps. We do meet an awful lot of people on our travels.’

Kordin tossed the other backpack to Teben. ‘Gadin Tonne, a man of criminal tendencies and a very, very particular look not even a fade would appreciate!’

A few dockworkers could be heard laughing and commenting how fades and other Shadowspawn were tale to scare the children with. Others passing by spat on the ground and mumbled a few words of prayer to the Creator and Light.

‘Oh I believe I know of whom you speak. We met the man once, Master Iovin and I.’ Teben replied as the two Illuminators walked towards the gangplank of the Drunken Kraken, one of the few ships sailing to Tanchico.

‘We were riding to Tear from Lugard, where we just left some fireworks for the brokers to trade on our behalf.’ Teben continued ‘I stopped to wonder at some particular ancient trees, when a group of man ran from the cover those trees provided. I assumed they were admirers of your work, as they shouted enthusiastically and were waving.’

The young Illuminator tried to mimic the sounds and hand motions, making Kordin laugh.

‘So naturally, I called for Master Iovin to halt and meet them, but as soon as they heard his name, the biggest of them turned around and ran, with the rest following. Was very odd.’

Kordin chuckled ‘Yes, that’s Gadin and his merry band that keeps changing members...they weren’t admirers of the Guilds work Teben. They meant to club you an inch of death and rob you of your wordly possesions.’

The avid Illuminator stopped, his face pale. ‘W-w-what? B-but Master Iovin did not mention any of that!’ Arching one eyebrow he asked ‘But why didn’t they? Why did they run?’

Kordin turned and smiled at the young man ‘Because they heard you calling Master Iovin. They heard his name. And they’d rather kidnap a Lord of Tear and face the Defenders, than suffer Iovin talking them to death....or stabbing. Depends on his mood that day...come on, we must hurry or the ship will leave without us.’

The two began walking up the gangplank, nodding at the First Mate with the Captain waving at Kordin from the stern of the Drunken Kraken.

‘Cannot wait to see the Chapterhouse in Tanchico, I’ve heard stories of the amazing progress the Guild artificers made there.’ Teben said with eyes full of excitement and a slight grin.

‘You will, right after you finally meet Sister Aludra and pass your lessons.’

Kordin’s words stopped Teben in his tracks, again. ‘I...ah...Sister Aludra you say?’ The sparks of excitement gone as quickly as they appeared in the young mans eyes.

‘Don’t worry Teben, we’ll have a few messenger pigeons ready to fly to the Wisdoms of Almoth, should the Seanchan occupation of Tarabon keep all of their healers busy.’ Kordin said while opening the doors leading towards the cabins.

‘Seanchan occupation?!’ Teben yelped.
To be continued....

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

Post by Jaenla » Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:43 pm

Brilliant! :)

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

Post by Melat » Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:01 am

This mentioned Tear. I approve.

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

Post by Kordin » Fri Apr 23, 2021 9:39 am

The storm was picking up, catching up to them ever since they passed Windbiter’s Finger. The crew hurried to reduce sail and batten down the hatches.

As the Drunken Kraken was approaching the city of Tanchico and the docks, Kordin observed the dozen other ships, some coming other going from Tanchico, most of them with crews who have probably already sworn the Seanchan Oath of Return. Most of those ships were fishing or trading vessels.

Tanchico, the heart of Tarabon now seems at the brink of falling apart. Refugees line the street, desparate and hungry. The Civil Watch cast fearful looks as they patrol the streets of the eastern part of the city, hands trembling at the hilts of their weapons, tired from months of fighting the occupation, and their competition of the less than legal sort. The Seanchan so called Ever Victorious Army occupies the western part of the city, slowly amassing more forces to finish the conquest of the city and rest of Tarabon, unless the Panarch swears the Oaths. The King did not. Long live the King....

“Starboard, approaching fast!” One of the sailors up on the mast shouted.

Kordin turned and saw a Seanchan ship with ribbed sails on three tall masts, crest into view aross the Drunken Kraken’s starboard bow.

“We’re about to be boarded! Stay calm and keep yer mouths shut!” The captain barked as the Seanchan ship was approaching at an fairly aggressive speed. The helmsman of the Kraken spinned the ship’s wheel and it swung around quickly, bearing straight for the other ship. The distance was closed quickly and the Seanchan ship was besides the Drunken Kraken. Armored soldiers were seen, crossbows aimed at everyone on the deck, while other soldiers readied the boarding planks.

Their helmets looked like some monstrous insect’s painted and gilded head, with thin red plumes like feelers. The rest of the armor was overlapping plates in black and red outlined with gold, and where there was no armor, there was just black leather. They parted ways to make way for a gray-haired and lean faced man, wearing a patch over his right eye with a scar visible from his forehead to his right cheek.

The clouds were still darkening, pilling up as if in a battle for the conquest of the sky. Threads of lighting forks began searing between the sky and sea, soon followed by a rattling crash of thunder.

“This is not a storm to be underestimated, my Lord.” A young voice shouted behind the gray-haired man, seeming to belong to a young officer of the Seanchan. “That tempest hits the ships....” He was cut off as the ships began being tossed about in the storm-ravaged sea. Swells rising and ralling, carrying the ships with them as if they were a toy.

The captain was standing on the deck at the helm, water whiping around him, barking orders in attempt to keep the chaos under control. Pointing where to go and giving individual tasks seemed to have calmed down a bit the still visibly distressed sailors. He instructed the helmsman to resume his duties at the wheel and rushed to the aid of a crewman who was struggling with a rope attached to one of the sails. A wave hit the ship, turning it almost vertical in one direction and then immediately again in the other, throwing several of the crew from their feet, sliding across the deck.

The last thing Kordin saw while holding on to the deck railing, was a couple of barrels of fish oil, flying straight towards him.

Then the world went numb, and dark.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was darkness and the ground was trembling. Kordin could hear breaths, growling, and bone snapping crunches. Then, plodding footfalls. A trolloc stepped out of shadows, ramshorned, nearly eight feet tall. It tore a mouthful from a fleshed limb and tossed it aside. A snarl revealed a row of large, yellow teeth, stained with blood. The trolloc was seemingly ready to charge at any second, eyes hard and narrow with rage.

A corpse of a woman, whose rigid fingers still dug into the ground. Her battered armor squeezed her bloodied and swollen limbs. At the corpse next to hers, a bloody hammer rested where the corpse's head should be. Bone fragments and dried chunks of brain matter are stuck to the grass. The corpse's hands are also clutching at its own trailing innards.

Then a loud thud was heard.

Kordin woke up and jumped up, a sharp pain cut through his skull. Vision was blurry and everything was spinning. He rubbed his eyes and tried to will his eyes into focus. He saw spilled tea, empty ink pots, few bits of sulphur crystals and one detailed sketch of what seemed to be fire-breathing possum, all scattered on a desk beside the bed he was in.

A figure was groaning bellow. Teben must have fallen asleep on the chair and ended up falling over, smashing his head into the stone floor.

“Where in the name of a sober Eagle am I?!” Kordin growled in pain. Holding his head in his arms, as if trying to squeeze the pain out of his head. Ended up only causing more.

Teben jumped up, rubbing the back of his head. “Master Tammuz....”

As if summoned by someone speaking his name, a big man in a soot-stained cloaked peered from behind a half-opened room door. Slightly singed eyebrows wing sharply above wary steel-gray eyes. Tammuz shook his head and laugh as he saw Kordin up.

“Not even the Sea will take you!” Tammuz spoke loudly, his deep voice booming, causing more discomfort to Kordin.

“What is this place?” Kordin asked the big man.

The large Illuminator walked in and picked up the chair that was on the floor. He sat on it, leaving Teben looking confused and turning around to see if he has something to sit on now. “It is a room in one of the houses we own in the city.”

Kordin attempted to focus his vision again and look at Tammuz. “Could you be less specific?” He asked snarky.

Tammuz simply smirked. “Sure. It is a room.”

“We’re in Mistress Aludra’s house, Master.” Teben interjected. “You’ve been struck by some unsecured cargo as the storm hit the ship. Some of crew took you below deck until the Captain and remaining crew could recover some control of the ship and attempt to dock safely. After that, I ran towards the Chapterhouse and found Tammuz. He brought you back here...”

“You’re most welcome!” The big man flashed with a toothy grin, a rather unpleasant sight. He gestured to the room around them.

“Tammuz...You do recall that I am the current Master of the Tanchico Chapter, yes?”

Tammuz arched an eyebrow. “Did that fishoil barrel knock the Glee out of you, MASTER Kordin?”

As a matter of fact, it did feel that way to Kordin. The painful sensation that lingered in his head, switching from sharp to dull to pulsating really did knock out more than just his senses.

“Help me up, I’ve got business to attend to.” He extened an arm towards Tammuz.

“You must rest more!” Both the big and small Illuminators said at once.

Kordin let out a sigh, part in frustration and part due to the pain. “You do realize, I’m not asking you…”

“You will feel much worse later if you do not rest.” Teben pleaded.

Tammuz took Kordins arm and helped him out, holding him as Kordin wobbled a bit before finding balance. “In life, Teben, everything except ‘right now’, is a theory.”

Teben blinked, and meekly said “Theories do have a tendency to become reality...”

Kordin glared at him. “They also have a tendency to be disputed. Finish your studies, and no more fire-breathing ‘possum sketches.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A cavernous gray-speckled slate entryway lined with marble columns lead into this great house, clearly meant for a member of the lesser nobility. An ornate crystal chandelier was suspended overhead from an impossibly thin chain and what seemed to be a rope made of fuse wires. Colorful tapestries lined the walls around thick doors at several doorways leading into inner rooms like the one Kordin was just in.

He walked towards the room at the far end of the hall. Tools and material of all shapes and sizes lined the racks on the wall and a small table was set up near the window for the best lighting possible. A tall thin woman stands before a bookshelf, dressed in entirely in weathered leather clothes. The cowl of her cloak covered much of her face. A bag with several brightly colored tubes sticking out of it, hung on her hip.

The shelves of the bookcase overflow with books, loose pages, scrolls and miscellaneous small contraptions. Many of the book spines seen are scrawled with what appear to indecipherable scribble and more are completely blank or worn out. It would take hours, perhaps days, to properly search through the mess if one had to look for something.

A scroll containing a charcoal made diagram of a device and the room, was resting on the table with large lumps of charcoal on the corners acting as paperweight. Despite copious measurements and carefully drawn detail, it gives no indication of the machine's purpose.

The woman turned to face Kordin and the gaze she sets upon him held an eerie intensity. She set down the book she was holding, smiling faintly. Long curls of black and grey hair frame her face, one side of which is flecked with some soot.

“Hello Aludra.”

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

Post by Kordin » Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:34 pm

Kordin was sitting on a chair, watching a cat play in front of one of the large windows of Aludra’s study. A small chunk of sulphur crystal, hung from a wall brazier, had fragmented a sunbeam and scattered small motes of light on the ground. They danced around the cat, sliding over him as he frantically batted at them. He spun in place, following one as it rushed past him, and leaped on it, trying to pin it down. Kordin smiled, amused at the animal's tenacity. The cat landed on a spot, placing his paws over it only to watch it flit away again. Kordin watched the cat's tail twitch and slap at the ground, annoyed that his prey could not be pinned.

“So the Seanchan commander drowned?” He asked.

Aludra took a sip of tea from her Sea Folk porcelain cup. She placed it on the table beside the countless parchments and books piled up.

“Yes, you ship managed to survive and dock safely, thank the Light. But the Seanchan raker was absolutely trashed in the storm. Word is already spreading that the official position of the Seanchan is that there are so called “marath’damane” in the city.” She let out a long sigh and looked out through the window. “There will be another bloodbath soon...”

“What is the situation at the Chapterhouse?” Kordin asked, still looking at the cat playing with the sunbeam fragments.

“We have removed all sensitive records and schematics a while back. Those should be in Cairhien by now, if the caravan did not encounter any trouble.” She took another sip of tea. “Most of the remaining Guildmembers are scattered throughout the city, on Maseta and Verana peninsulas. The Seanchan haven’t caused much trouble for those who were housed on Calpene peninsula, but as a percaution we moved them.”

Kordin rubbed his eyes, the pain in his head still bothered him, even after drinking some potions and chewing on herbs that were supposed to help. “So the Chapterhouse is basically abandoned?”

“There are a handful of Guildmembers in there. Simple orders. If possible, maintain the integrity of the Chapterhouse, but should the doors be breached – either by Seanchan or Civil Watch – evacuate and the few barrels that were left are to be ignited beforehand. The oil will speed up the destructive process, and it will all look like a terrible accident. No secrets leaving the Guild, no property taken.”

Kordin pinched the bridge of his nose. “Good....I think..” He was tired, frustrated, angry. He looked through the window, trying to silence the pain in his head by focusing on what else he needed to check up on, duties he had to attend to. “Despite the occupation and rise in crime, the city still seems alive.”

Aludra nodded slightly, trying to see what he was looking at through the window. “Tanchico is a center of trade even during times of trouble and the people on the streets reflect the city's importance.”

Kordin ran his left-hand knuckles over his beard, then pinched his mustache with thumb and index knuckle. “Hmm.” He was about to say something on the matter but something caught his attention instead.

A small crowd gathered near the sturdy stone wall on the Verana road, that keeps people from falling off and down onto the roofs below. A man stood against the wall, making some kind of a speech. The crowd formed a semi-circle around him as he spoke. His voice carried over the sounds of the city, since both Kordin and Aludra could hear him through the closed window. The man spoke of the world, history, Creator and various other topics.

From what Kordin could overhear, there did not seem to be a subject he lacked at least a passing knowledge in. People asked him questions and he answered in return, sometimes in depth, other times only giving a general answer, quite often in some odd riddles and half-poems. Regardless of what was said, all of his answers seem to hit at the heart of what was asked and people left looking satisfied with what they've been told.

“What’s the story there?” Kordin asked, nodding in the direction of the crowd.

Aludra’s eyes narrowed. “They call the old man ‘Itesh’. Some half-mad hermit. He comes to the city every once in a while, and stands in the middle of a road, talking to himself. “ She smirked. “Eventually a crowd gathers and one time someone asked some question and the old oddball apparently gave a very enlightening answer. Ever since more and more people have been looking for him in the streets, hoping to get some ‘wisdom from Itesh’. “ She turned and looked at Kordin. “One of our apprentices went out in the street one day, wanting to see and hear what it was all about. Poor thing stood there for several hours before managing to ask only one question.”

“And what question was that?” Kordin asked, genuinely intrigued.

Aludra grinned slightly. “Why are you the way you are?” She said, changing her voice to sound like a childs.

Kordin boggled at that. “And the answer she got was...?”

Aludra searched through the pile of parchments on the table next to her. “Oh I had her write it down...let me see where is it...” After a while she pulled out a fine parchment and handed it to Kordin.

He took it and attempted to read what was written on it, vision still somewhat recovering and it was hard to focus at something so small like written words.

My momma always sayaid layaf was lark a box of choccerlates: you realise that chocolates are your sole source of happiness and the consumption thereof fills the aching void within where norms keep their feelings, that everything should be compartmentalised in receptacles of mashed wood pulp, and then your pancreas packs its bag and sets of for Illian.

“What in Moz’s third chin is this....?” Kordin looked up from the parchment, dumbfounded, and asked Aludra who simply shrugged.

Shouting and incoherent cursing from down the road, towards the Panarch’s Circle, took a hold of their attention. A woman running up the road, pushing her way through the crowd, heading towards Andahar Boulevard. She glances over her shoulder as she shoves people out of her way. Her hair is disheveled, face dirty and clothing torn. She appears to be attempting to escape from something or something, but her demeanor suggests she seems to sparkle with joy. Kordin could hear a small giggle escape her as she passed near the house.

As she looked over her shoulder again, she ran head-first into a man standing near a wagon left in front of the adjacent house. In a half moment, after seeing the man, her face changed and all glee was gone, replaced by fear. A frown and quivering bottom lip replaced the grin and glee. The man, seemingly well-dressed, seems to express concern for her well-being after seeing her appearance. She leaned against him, and Kordin and Aludra could overhear bits and pieces of a tale being woven. A brutish man with wandering hands and evil intentions. The well-dressed man was so caught up in it, he failed to notice her own hands traveling all over his person, seeking something.

A shout broke and an angry, quite large man pushed his way through the crowd that separated him and them. The woman feigned more fear and the well-dressed man stepped in front of her. A gleeful cackle, and the woman began running again, away from the men. Her new victim turned, confused and saw her shaking a coin purse as she races off. The man felt at his belt, coat and pockets, face hardening. Soon both of the men were chasing her, as the laughing woman was lost in the busy streets.

"That looked awfully like..” Kordin began saying. “Astrid?” Aludra finished his sentence, casting a curious glance at Kordin.

“No...couldn’t be...” He said, looking through the window, trying to catch another sight of the woman, but the street went back to usual business of pretending the city is not about to turn into another river of blood.

“Speaking of Moz, we received another package from that landlady, Serinla, along with this letter.” She handed Kordin a simple piece of paper and stood up from her chair, walking towards a small cabinet.

Hello again Mr. Illuminator.

I have been able to track down the whereabouts of my former renter, Nyro - the light-blasted fool of a man! - in an attempt to return to him the charred remnants of the teddy bear with which he slept every night. The smell was beginning to bother me, and though I would rather never see the bloody woolhead again, my better nature compelled me, lest he try to return for it someday. I found him living in what looked to be some sort of crater that had been blasted out of a clearing far from the city walls. From the looks of things, he had recently built a small laboratory in the center of the crater which he claims was already there when he got there. He was overjoyed at the return of his stuffed bear and he wept openly for several minutes before babbling something about a clockmaker and handing me a lumpy package. I discarded the package, however, as it was emitting a monotonous ticking noise which I didn’t quite trust. On the way out of the crater I did manage to find this journal wedged underneath the blackened mass of an old desk that I came across upside-down and several paces from the edge of the clearing. I thought I would pass it on to you as it may be of some small interest to your profession.

Yours in the Light,

Serinla, Landlady

As he finished reading the letter, Aludra returned with a parcel with familiar binding, inside which are the burnt remains of another book. Kordin carefully picked up the book and opened its charred cover.


8th day of the month of Taisham, year 1356

Welcome back, dear readers, or just welcome, if you have only just found my new journal and didn’t read my first journal. Though, how could you have? It was hidden in a most secret location where my previous landlady was likely never to find it. Anyway, I won’t bore you with the specifications since I clearly already covered them in my first journal, but from what I can gather from the whispered conversations here in this infirmary, the device I designed was nothing short of an unqualified success. My hearing is only just now returning but it sounds like the other patients that were in the vicinity have only great things to say about it. As I listen now, I will record for you some of their comments along with the likely words that I’ve filled in with brackets myself as I couldn’t quite make them all out:

“If I ever get my hands on the guy that set off that [really amazing] explosion, I’d [tell him how great he is]!”

“Will you guys keep it down? My ears are still wringing [with joy]!”

“Yeah, mate, well if I ever get MY hands on him I’d [buy him so much ale] he would drown!”

“I WISH I could get my hands on him! I lost both of mine in that, and I can’t [thank] him enough for [saving me money on hand soap]!!”

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I must rest now - this nurse needs to change the bandages. They say they think I’ll even regrow my eyebrows once the skin heals.

20th day of the month of Adar, year 1356

Hello again. It turns out I misplaced my notebook, and only just recently found it again with my effects as I was leaving the infirmary. Please ignore the rude drawings of myself in the pages since my last entry. I did not write them, though I did see my nurse laughing over something with the doctor when she saw me reading them... Clearly, she has the hots for me and they are obviously written in jest. I will keep them as a memento of the nurse’s love for me.

I am fully on the mend now these few months later, and have found the location of my old laboratory. Unfortunately, someone has dug a crater-like depression here in the field and burned and scattered my belongings about the edges. It must have been those local hooligans from the foregate! Them and their silly pranks!

I suppose I have nothing left to do but pick up the pieces where I left off and rebuild my lab. I have an idea for a new device, one that operates off the workings of a clock which I purchased from a clockmaker for a hefty sum along with promises of an introduction to my former landlady (that he is completely enamored with), and with whom I am very close friends. I am confident my new device will work flawlessly, but for now I will store my journal here in this desk for safe keeping as I continue to work.

Kordin closed the book, a bit too hard, causing a tiny soot cloud to blow up in his face and the book spilling from his hands onto the floor, in a mixed pile of ash and paper. He pinched his nose with one hand to suppress a sneeze, and after that simply brought the fingers a bit higher to pinch the bridge of his nose, again in apparent frustration.

"We have a few friends out and looking for him." Aludra said, while offering a hankerchief. "He'll turn up soon enough." She paused a bit, as Kordin wiped his face. "Are you certain he is Guild material?"

Kordin almost handed her the soot stained hankerchief before realizing it is ruined now and simply crumpled it. Somehow failing to put it on the table, he accidentally drops it and the cat sprung to action, hugging the hankerchief with all its paws with claws out and rolling away with it like a little furry ball with a soot stained cloak.

"Yes. He doesn't seem to be showing any signs of being like his uncle Moz. Might be lacking all fuses in his powder keg, but nothing we haven't seen or dealt with before. Hagbard still refuses to bathe, Larc still wants to stab everything and well, Iovin...." He paused a bit as the furry ball of soot hit a small stand with some vials, causing few to drop to the floor, luckily none broken. "If my burnt senses do not deceive me, he may become one of the greatest some day. Or cause the greatest disaster not related to One Power the world has ever witnessed, if the world survives it...."

Aludra simply nodded. "You're a fool, but I might see some of that vision of yours...."

Kordin yawned and winced at the same time. "I need to rest some more...." He tried to stand up. Tried. Failed. Fell. World went dark again.
DISCLAIMER: Letter from the landlady and journal entries were written by Nyro, not me.

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

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This is so good!!! Hope an imm is reading and awarding for solid RP

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"That looked awfully like..” Kordin began saying. “Astrid?” Aludra finished his sentence, casting a curious glance at Kordin.
this is why I prac steal

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

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Kordin wrote:
Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:34 pm
DISCLAIMER: Letter from the landlady and journal entries were written by Nyro, not me.
For the curious, below is Volume I of Nyro's Journal.
*A parcel has been left on your desk, inside which are the burnt remains of a book*

An attached note reads:

Hello Mr. Illuminator. I have recently expelled one of my renters for destroying my apartment building and rented workspace, and thought that you might find the remains of my renter's journal of some interest to your profession.

Yours in the Light,
Serinla, Landlady


1st day of the month of Taisham, year 1355

Well, this is the first entry into my new journal. Hello! My name is Nyro, and I am writing this. I don’t know who you are, dear reader, or generally who may ever hold this journal in their hands besides myself. I can only imagine that you found this hidden in the secret compartment of my desk drawer as you fruitlessly ransacked my belongings for something of value. Instead, you’ll get to hear the details of my day-to-day life that I inexplicably decided to record within these pages. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent and I will attempt to avoid needless embellishment purely for the sake of increasing the value of the story-rights when a Gleeman eventually turns this into an epic tale.

Anyway, I took my breakfast today on my balcony overlooking my vast estates and watched the laborers toil away in the morning light of my personal vineyard. The meal was quite fine, and it put me in a sound mood for working on a few projects in my workshop. [Nyro’s landlady’s note: I have found Nyro’s poorly concealed diary, and I must interject that he lives in a small apartment above his rented workshop in the Foregate outside Cairhien]

After my repast, I immediately began my work. When I was visiting Tanchico, Aludra had requested that I assemble several unique devices that could be used by an Illuminator. She then handed me a jar of purple dye, a clay canister, a fuse, and a pouch of something she called ‘confetti’ and told me to make something out of it. Now, I’m not exactly familiar with how the official Illuminators mix these things, but when all of the ingredients were combined it turned into a purple, mushy paste and tasted awful. I didn’t want the Illuminators to think I wasn’t a team player though, so I have added the concoction to my daily diet. Perhaps over time the stomach cramps will fade, and it will help me to focus on making these devices Aludra mentioned.

2nd day of the month of Taisham, year 1355

I have noticed that apparently my landlady has already found my journal and started to make her own notes between the lines. I will make sure to hide my journal in a more secure location. [Nyro’s landlady’s note: I found it again under his pillow]

Yesterday was a bit of a bust. The stomach cramps distracted me, and I didn’t accomplish much. I drank a double batch of the purple potion today though, as I am confident the Illuminators must use it to get the ol’ brain juices flowing. We’ll see how today goes.

Today I was able to finally assemble my first device, and I must say, the end result is quite pleasing to me. After much tinkering, I was able to create an object that almost perfectly resembles a normal mug which would be filled with ale. The difference with this mug is that there is a lever recessed into the handle, which the user nearly unavoidably would press when tilting the mug to drink. At this point, the lever pushes a steel striker against a small piece of flint in the handle. This then ignites a charge placed in the false bottom of the mug, propelling the contents of the mug into the face of the hapless drinker! As a test, I have set the device on the table in the common area of my building, and we will see what my landlady has to say about it. [Landlady’s note: I found Nyro’s prank mug, and switched it with a real mug. Now we wait…]

3rd day of the month of Taisham, year 1355

My landlady invited me to share a drink with her last night. As I giggled watching her carefully pick up her mug, I was quite disappointed when she drank the ale and nothing happened. I knew it was only a matter of time for the spark to light the charge, and still giggling, I took a sip from my own mug. My mirth was cut short, however, as I immediately found myself sputtering and drenched with ale. She had switched the mugs! I apparently need to do a better job concealing my journal. [Nyro’s landlady’s note: Nyro, you should know that ‘hiding things in plain sight’ is really just an expression and doesn’t actually work]

Today I finished two more devices. For the first device, I took inspiration from the humble firefly. This went well at first, and while I was able to make the seat of my trousers glow at night, I decided that it was a bit impractical to set my pants alight with differently burning powders each time. One of my failed attempts testing the concept, however, resulted in an explosion below my rear that shot me a few feet into the air. It was then that I had the idea to conceal a much larger charge beneath the seat of a heavy chair. This succeeded in creating a fun device in which a willing participant could rest in the chair and could then be launched high into the air for a breathtaking view! I bet audiences would pay large sums to ride in such a contraption. Unfortunately, I went to find my landlady to test out my new invention, but being the surly, no-fun sort, she declined and locked her door.

The second device (third device so far, in case you lost count) that I created today was a bit smaller, but no less remarkable. It took the more traditional form of an Illuminator’s handiwork and was essentially a water-melon-sized ball that is made to be dropped into a wooden tube fixed to the ground. With this item, I wanted to push the boundaries of my limited knowledge of directional charges and color usage that I had learned from the flaming pants experiments. My goal was to create a performance piece that would be launched from the tube into the air, exploding to create a breathtaking flame-image of a dragon! As you might have guessed from my successes in other endeavors so far, the result wasn’t quite what I had imagined in my mind. Instead, I watched helplessly as a massive red-and-gold fireball was blasted straight through the ceiling into my landlady’s apartments. Stomping downstairs into my workshop with her clothes still smoldering, she looked somewhat less than pleased to experience such a magnificent performance up close and I find myself in need of a new warehouse to lease.

Assuming that I can find a place to work, tomorrow I have plans to create the largest device I have attempted to date, and dare I say it - the largest explosive an Illuminator has ever attempted! I am confident in the success of this endeavor, so stay tuned, dear reader, for what I can only describe as-

*the remainder of the pages appear to have been burned away in a charred mess*

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Re: Sparks of adventure and embers of knowledge...

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And finally, Part III, for anyone curious!
*A parcel with familiar binding has been left on your desk again, inside which are the burnt remains of yet ANOTHER journal*

25th day of the month of Saven, year 1356

It occurs to me as I sit here on this lovely morning, breaking my fast by munching on a hearty serving of this dreadful Illuminator purple paste concoction, that it was been about a month since I last wrote about my clock device. When I last wrote about it… ok, I really have to stop here and say - I hope I don’t have to eat this paste forever. The consistency is reminiscent of sawdust mixed with some sort of tree sap, and despite Master Kordin’s assurances it does not taste anything like grapes when more purple dye is added, nor does fermentation aid certain alleged performance-enhancing qualities in the bedroom.

I digress. My invention last month, as I was saying, involves attaching a striker and fuse to an explosive charge, setting the clock to a designated time, and encasing the entire contraption into one package that can be sent to former associates, hecklers, in-laws, and all manner of other incorrigible persons to whom you may wish to send a surprise. The only problem with my device (which of course works flawlessly) is that the clocks themselves are exceedingly rare. I have been told I may be able to source them from a craftsman in Kandor, though perhaps this was just the Cairhienin clockmaker’s way of sending me off to the distant borderlands. This rarity, of course, tends to outstrip my funds, and so I have attempted to replicate the effects of the device using other timing devices. I would elaborate more, but my stomach is beginning to cramp from breakfast and I must ---------

26th day of the month of Saven, year 1356

Well, I was unable to finish yesterday’s entry as the cramps turned into something quite less fun and likely too undignified to write about in a journal that will surely be published by a Gleeman someday. Anyway, I will start again where I left off.

As I was saying yesterday, clocks became far too expensive for me to source for single-use gags to annoy my apparently numerous enemies and I was forced to resort to other timing devices. I am sad to say that I have not had much luck. The hourglass proved to simply be far too unreliable, and when faced with a timer of more than an hour, the recipient of my gift seemed unwilling to keep turning the glass once they noticed the fuse attached to the bottom. I do have a few more ideas that I think I may be able to enact tomorrow.

27th day of the month of Saven, year 1356

Today I attempted to replace the hourglass idea with a number of other complicated methods that involved various pulley and weight systems. This took quite a while to design and involved much trial and error to properly balance the weights, patterns, and length of various fuses. In the end, while effective, the resulting contraption tended to arouse suspicion as the end result took up much of my laboratory space and my lazy courier refused to carry it in his cart out of concern for his horse. Back to the drawing board!

28th day of the month of Saven, year 1356

Nearly reached a breakthrough idea. Sunny day expected tomorrow. Doubling Illuminator purple paste intake to improve brain function.

1st day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

Stomach cramps increasing, lost production time spent on the bed pan may be negating positive effects of paste. Will continue work tomorrow.

2nd day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

Blast! Utter failure! While the my idea for using a sundial was both cheap and effective initially, the device has proven too unreliable for use indoors or on cloudy days.

3rd day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my device may in fact be too impractical for common use. On the other hand, certain seedy Cairhienin nobility have learned of my experiments and have offered me funding to continue my research. Perhaps this is the sort of patronage I have been hoping for!

7th day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

The seedy nobles have been dropping by for the last three days, asking me more about the general size and payload specifications for my devices. They say it is for some sort of celebration, at which point the looked at eachother, whispered briefly, and snickered in a somewhat unpleasant manner. Always up for learning new jokes, I inquired as to their merriment, and they told me it wasn’t any of my business and that it was for a surprise party, which led to more snickering. Perhaps they will teach me their jokes after the event.

10th day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

The nobles have begun to ask me if my device might be able to fit into objects that they sketched out to me, such as a gilded throne, within a jeweled scepter topped by a golden sun, or under a very ornate and impractical-looking gold/bejeweled hat. While these seemed like unusual containers, perhaps it is part of their party’s theme.

11th day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

My faithful former landlady has paid me a visit today under the auspices of making sure that I haven’t blown myself to bits before I pay her the rent that I still owe her. While visiting, she perused my sketches and notes, and expressed some small concern on their design. Initially I was offended until she clarified herself and commented that these nobles may be attempting to rope me into being an accomplice to regicide. She seemed mostly anxious that if unsuccessful, the resulting imprisonment for the rest of my life might have a negative impact on my ability to pay her back.

12th day of the month of Amadaine, year 1356

On the urgings of my former landlady I refused to do further business with nobles. After a very persuasive discussion with their sturdy and well-armed guards, I relented and accepted their somewhat reduced fee of zero gold crowns along with my ability to continue breathing, and I provided them with a completed device.

Fortunately for the nobles, while none of them had ever been taught to tell time from a clock, I volunteered to assist them with setting the timing device.

Unfortunately for the nobles, their carriages were not explosion-proof. Their gold, however, was, and I was able to purchase a nearly lifetime supply purple dye, ‘confetti’, and other important ingredients for my diet as well as additional laboratory supplies.

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