Trolloc Quests

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Trolloc Quests

Post by Ranam » Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:55 pm

Unnoticed by most, a foul pile of rags is piled against the wall of the northern hall. Half-dead, the old trolloc gurgles and rasps. Those that brave the stench may find the creature has picked up some tricks over the years, that may come in handy to a young whelp.

An infirm trolloc has taken up residence in the Ruined Keep, providing tips and a few short tasks to familiarise a player to the differences between LS and DS. He also functions as low level personnel trainer for trollocs who have done a few jobs for him, so you can get to killing humans that much faster.
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The Gho'lem Warden

Post by Ranam » Mon May 18, 2020 12:13 pm

Deep in the bowels of Thakan'dar, droves of wretched prisoners mill about in the dark dungeons. The thick steel door that lies between them and freedom is never locked. There is no need, for on the other side the Warden waits. And no one gets past the Warden.

The Gho'lem Warden now stands guard outside the dungeons in the south west of Thakan'dar. He will provide jobs and a few tips for higher level players who have outgrown the infirm trolloc. These tasks are open to unclanned and clanned trollocs. Ask him for 'something to do'.

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The bull-headed Kno'mon

Post by Ranam » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:55 pm

An acrid wind blows in from the north, oozing around the great black mountain of Shayol Ghul before continuing south, towards the Ruined Keep. Clad in stained, black metal, a massive horned trolloc stalks through the main gate of the Keep, flanked by his guard of Kno'mon. The sadistic trolloc makes a rare excursion from the dungeons of the Keep, less than keen to see an old rival.

"Thought you died," spits the old sadist.

"Watch your tongue," growls the intruder.

"Ooh look at me, I'm favored by the Dark Masters. I get to go out and go on secret raids and eat fresh meat and-"

"I have been far. We have brought back much that can of use to the horde."

"Teacher's pet."

"I swear to the Dark Lord one more wo-"

"Bite me."

The Kno'mon suddenly grabs a gleaming axe from a harness at his waist, slamming it into the ground before the envious trolloc.

"I am done with it. I have been charged with equipping the future generals of the horde by our masters. Perhaps one of them will be worthy of it."

The sadistic trolloc glowers, but bites its tongue, scurrying back to the darkness with the weapon. Removing his helmet, the bull-headed trolloc bellows across the keep.

"I will reward those who earn my respect, and the respect of our masters."


The Kno'mon has taken up residence to the northwest of the well in the Ruined Keep. He will reward clanned trollocs as they climb and kill their way through the ranks of the horde, and also offers bounties to trollocs for certain severed heads.

To start the Kno'mon quest chain, once you have joined one of the five trolloc clans say "I have joined a clan." He will provide you with a one-time kit that may or may not prolong your survival by a few minutes.

As you reach the third, fifth, sixth and seventh rank, you can tell the Kno'mon that you have "risen through the ranks", to receive rewards for doing so. Those who reach the seventh rank will be offered a one-time use of the Kno'mon's old axe.



The Kno'mon also offers a list of once-per-character bounties. The mobol should cause the Kno'mon to drop the head and not reward if you accidentally try to hand in the same bounty a second time, but as always send me a message with any bugs.

To hand in a bounty, say "claiming bounty KEYWORD" to let him know what you're handing in, and then give him a correct SEVERED HEAD. Heads only, anything less isn't worth his time. The working KEYWORDS are as follows: LOCATION, TURN POINTS, SEDAI, WARDER, BORDERGUARD, MASTER, SEANCHAN.

Example: "say Claiming bounty sedai"
He'll then prompt you to give him a head, and he'll reward you if you haven't done it before. You will still receive the full 7qps for each bounty handed in.

The Open Bounties are as follows:

Tar Valon
Blodfest's Camp (the Wilderness)
The Blasted Lands
The Two Rivers

Other bounties:
An Aes SEDAI of any Ajah
A clanned WARDER
A MASTER of any clan

Once you reach fifty turn points, you may also turn them into the Kno'mon once for an additional reward with "claiming bounty turn points."

If you find yourself with a severed head which could be multiple different bounties, you can only claim one at a time, so I recommend you claim whichever bounty would be most annoying to find another head for.


Have fun with it, let me know any problems. The slightly finnicky way of handing in bounties allows it to do a few checks which prevent people farming it, ideally saving headaches down the line. :D

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