War Declared On the Leadership of the Kandori Merchant Guild

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War Declared On the Leadership of the Kandori Merchant Guild

Post by Shinobi » Fri Oct 29, 2021 6:14 pm


The Civil Watch is currently and actively AT WAR with the Leadership of the Kandori Merchant Guild. All members of that guild who are leaders are heretofore warned that their actions have not gone unnoticed. A collective decision not to make a decision is a decision and based on the lack of response from the leaders of this guild, the Civil Watch have collectively declared war on the Kandori Merchant Guild's leadership.

We hold very serious grudges for the constant purging of our Panarch using incinerate and dislike any clan that is built to funnel darkfriends! We tried to communicate through pigeons and intermediaries, but our lawyers received no response.

Although it is not a surprise, it is disheartening that our requests for recompense have been completely ignored. The general lack of responsibility is what ties this knot of prowling merchants together and allows them to prey on the victims of the Light (as they, no doubt, manipulate the prices of items and reduce availability based on the whims of their controllers.

When the leadership of the Kandori Merchant Guild decide to engage us through our lawyer we shall be ready to negotiate, until then we will persecute the budding legion of darkfriends who dabble in currency manipulation.