Standoff In the Square!

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Standoff In the Square!

Post by Chloro » Wed Jul 10, 2024 7:25 am

Tower Square
This side of the square is the southern section of the Tower Square.
In the center is the walled off White Tower. To the south a large
boulevard opens up leading to the Southharbor. To the north you see
the southern gate of the Tower grounds. The square continues east
and west.
A large banner rests here, depicting a map of Tar Valon.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
Zone: Tar Valon
Door north: TarlomensGate
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
A Tower Guard watches for signs of trouble.
Melosa Beshar, Aes Sedai is standing here, riding a warhorse.
A Tower Guard watches for signs of trouble.
Lord Aldwyn the Captain is standing here, riding a gray palfrey.
A tall dust-colored gelding prances in a circle here.

Rebeka has arrived from the north.

Bakkus has arrived from the south.

Bakkus says 'right'

Aldwyn glares at Bakkus.

Bakkus says 'I want my scalps back'

Bakkus says 'where are they?'

Chloro walks into the square like a tigress protecting her young. Her exotic gray eyes flit from Mayene to Tear and back again. "This is a neutral city. Bakkus, you have disturbed the peace!"

Bakkus says 'you just wait a minute'

Thore rolls his head back in a raucous laughter.

Thore says 'In an age of Darkness a blind man is the best guide.'

Thore says 'In an age of Insanity look to the madman to show the way.'

Bakkus says 'since when has the Tower started fooling around with trophies of war? I want them back, no funny business from you. '

Melosa stares at Thore coldly until he falls silent.

Benjen peers closely at Melosa, trying to figure her out.

Rebeka says 'Such things do not belong deposited in the middle of this city. Why would you think they'd still be here anyway?'

Bakkus says 'I left them here for safekeeping. had to see a man about a dog and when i come back all stuck there'

Bakkus says 'I was not amused'

Chloro pulls at saidar taking one step further into the square weaves of air and fire playing with the light, her form seeming to grow a foot in height in a single step. "Since when does a Defender implicate the White Tower in their Murder Schemes!"

Bakkus says 'i want compensation'

Aldwyn frowns a bit at the implication being made.

Bakkus says 'Compensation!'

Bakkus says 'youre supposed to be out of our business why play games with me'

Bakkus says 'and the dog was a mutt. not worth my time'

Aldwyn says 'Trophies of war? When did that start including innocents?'

Bakkus says 'youre all rebel scum Aldwyn'

You sense Rebeka connecting to the True Source.

Bakkus says 'all rebel scum'

Chloro narrows her eyes as the lamps near the square grow to be flaming balls of light. "You have no power here, murderer of Mayene. Your compensation is that we will hold the peace of this city and you may leave without harm so long as you do not violate our laws."

Bakkus says 'when did I violate any law?'

Melosa whispers to you, 'The man has violated none of Tar Valon's laws sister'

Bakkus says 'never and I get cast as a potential channeller? this reeks of a conspiracy'

Bakkus points at Aldwyn.

Bakkus says 'and some channeller is my guess'

Aldwyn says 'If it wasn't you then it was somebody aiding you.'

Bakkus spits over his shoulder.

Maddy has arrived from the north.

Maddy curtseys gracefully.

Chloro stands silent, the one power swirling around her to those who could channel saidar. "You have disturbed the peace by laying the heads of noblemen and Winged Guards within the square of Tar Valon. Somehow warded by the one power."

Rebeka says 'You were the one that brought such grisly things to Tar Valon and left them lying about. Seems a bit out of the way for a return to your home.'

Bakkus says 'I want my scalps back or I’ll take ten times the number Mayener'

Aldwyn says 'Try it and see.'

Melosa says 'How did the trophies come to be touched by the One Power?'

Bakkus says 'this inst finished. i can believe the hide of you women. fooling with a man’s scalps'

Chloro maintains her focus on Bakkus, flows of spirit pulling to her, loosely forming.

Bakkus says 'that would be the Towers domain not mine'

Bakkus says 'clearly you're all in this together'

Bakkus mutters to himself in complete disgust.

Aldwyn peers closely at Bakkus, trying to figure him out.

Rebeka says 'Why not just take them with you when you went to see....a dog? Who was the person you were talking to about this mutt?'

Aldwyn says 'I think there may be a touch of madness there, no?'

Bakkus says 'dog my eat them'

Celeste has arrived from the west, riding a gray palfrey.

Celeste curtseys gracefully.

Chloro says 'Your superiors have been informed of your actions, and its possible consequences. Are you so sure you can return home?'

Melosa says 'It is a serious thing, Lord Aldwyn, to accuse a man of being able to channel in the heart of Tar Valon.'

Bakkus says 'Are you addled?'

Aldwyn says 'I have made no such accusation. I said that he seems mad. And that either he or someone aiding him could channel.'

Bakkus says 'we kill Winged guard for breakfast. I’ll probably get a promotion'

Bakkus strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Rebeka says 'I'm just surprised you were worried about being overpowered by a dog.'

Bakkus says 'a promotion'

Bakkus says 'actually'

Maddy glances to Celeste putting her finger to her lips motioning for her to keep quiet.

Chloro maintains her focus, weaves of spirit at the ready. "You know as well as I, the power of the accusation my sister just mentioned. Do you think they would allow you near the Stone if they even suspected?"

Lightning starts to show in the sky.

Bakkus says 'i dont need the scalps you have pretty much confirmed to my superiors i have done a stella job'

Bakkus says 'such an untrustworthy bunch you are'

Bakkus says 'youre beneath me'

Bakkus waves.

Aldwyn says 'Sleep carefully, murderer. You never know when it may be your last.'

Bakkus leaves south. vv

Rebeka rolls her eyes...sheesh!..

Chloro watches after the defender as he leaves maintaining her hold on saidar and the half-woven weave.

Bakkus narrates 'and I took your stinking river boat!'

Celeste says 'Well'

Celeste says 'Busy square...'

Celeste clears her throat.

Rebeka says 'I do be di....'

Melosa says 'Sister, do you think him a man who can touch the Source?'

Rebeka takes a deep breath.

Chloro finally releases saidar letting the half-woven shield fade away.

Chloro does not look towards Melosa but towards the docks, and answers. "I would not have acted so, if I did not think their evidence."

Aldwyn sighs and looks to Chloro, "I think we may need to talk."

Rebeka says 'His mind seems addled but that could just be drink. Still, he needs to watched.'

Celeste looks around in confusion.

Melosa says 'To me, this is a.. skirmish'

The fountain splashes merrily, light sparkling beautifully on the surface of the water.

Chloro nods hearing Rebeka's words. "Our Red sister's are aware, however it would be easier to watch him if we were allowed in Mayene."

Aldwyn says 'Since when do skirmishes involve the killing of non-military personnel?'

Rebeka says 'Oh he was wanting to make a spectacle; this was not some random ranting.'

Rebeka says 'No, this, right here and now was a skirmish. His accusations and rantings.'

Ashlynn has arrived from the north.

Maddy clambers to her feet.

Maddy curtseys gracefully.

Maddy sits down on a bench.

Ashlynn looks at Maddy.

Melosa says 'How war is conducted down south is not known to me, Lord Aldwyn'

Choro says 'Aldwyn, even though you cannot see, just know, there are several ways that conversation could have ended.

Aldwyn says 'I do not doubt, I have witnessed the capabilities of a Sedai when brought to the point of wielding the One Power when needed.'

Celeste ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Melosa sneers, 'Lofty words from one who has banished the Tower from their territory.'

Celeste looks at Melosa.

Aldwyn says 'Something that the Tower did not abide by anyway if I recall.'

Ashlynn looks at Melosa.

Chloro allows herself to refocus her mask of calm, seeming a bit more relaxed. "A lone wolf of a man sir, I would hardly call that the Tower."

Melosa says 'Shocking considered what a backwater those lands are.'

Aldwyn says 'So we are to separate one man's action from the Tower's and yet every argument I've heard from the Tower regarding the banishment has been about it being one man?'

Aldwyn glares at Melosa.

Melosa says 'I shall leave the diplomacy to my Gray sisters'

Melosa says 'Fare you well all.'

Ashlynn says 'It might be for the best, sister.'

Melosa leaves north riding a warhorse. ^^

Ashlynn looks at Rebeka.

Chloro looks at Aldwyn, and just shakes her head. "What will we do with the young, to brash to talk to energetic to sit still."

Rebeka says 'Shall we not rehash things that have been dealt with already?'

Aldwyn says 'Either way, I have not come about things in the past. I have concerns about facts given me in reports recently.'

Chloro allows her shawl to slip from her shoulders to the crook of her arms hanging low against her waist. "Yes, we should. Though perhaps a more pleasant atmosphere? I believe the tavern has a sale on ale?"

Ashlynn smiles warmly at the thought of a mug of beer.

Rebeka says 'Might be more comfortable, true enough.'

Chloro says 'Girls you may join, if you can keep quiet.'

Maddy clambers to her feet.

Aldwyn says 'I believe some place that a talk can be had more privately would be advisable, but I am fine with the tavern if that's where you so choose.'

Rebeka says 'After that exchange I think something stronger than tea is wanted by most of us?'

Chloro looks to the south and sighs, the Second was right. "Maddy fetch drink for all, the good brandy mind you."

Aldwyn says 'I will abstain today. Today I am working.'