Anywhere Is Somewhere --- &RPaward

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Anywhere Is Somewhere --- &RPaward

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In which Catisune Sedai meets Kohaku Dontomo, a Hunter for the Horn.

Through the rp-lizer with light edits.

Catisune sit down on a bench.

Kohaku stumbles to the square, eyes shadowed with a robe.

Catisune perches on a bench near the fountain, a stack of several books haphazardly towering next to her.

Kohaku says 'I've just arrived, give me a moment to collect my bearings and then I'll petition you, if you have some patience on it.'

Kohaku says 'Though I must say, I have a waning fondness for cities.'

Catisune looks up, seemingly startled.

Catisune says 'Hmm?'

Catisune shakes her head as if dislodging some water from it. Her attention returns to the square after a long moment.

The sun casts a golden glow over the city.

Kohaku steps forward again.

Kohaku says 'You may not have heard, but I arrive to petition your knowledge, Sedai.'

Kohaku leans against his staff leisurely, on the outskirts of the square.

Catisune studies Kohaku as one might a specimen on a tray.

Catisune says 'Join me, won't you?'

Kohaku nods casually.

Catisune gestures toward an empty spot on the other side of her wobbly mountain of books.

Kohaku sits down on a bench.

Kohaku leans his staff across his shoulders and lets the butt of it rest against the ground.

Catisune smiles amiably, though the gesture does not touch her large, watery eyes 'Welcome to Tar Valon, dear.'

Kohaku scans the city from this perch.

Kohaku says 'A young man in me once thought this was where you would find the horn.'

Kohaku chuckles politely.

A hunter for the horn has arrived from the west.

The hunter is a bold man who swore a hunter's oath to search the world for
the legendary Horn of Valere, prophesied to call the heroes of ages past
back to fight the Dark One in the Last Battle. Thousands of hunters scour
the world, each with his own idea of where the mysterious horn can be

A hunter for the horn is in excellent condition.
A hunter for the horn is healthy.

Kohaku whispers something to a hunter for the horn.

Draz has arrived from the west, riding a bloodstock stallion.
Rex has arrived from the west, riding a warhorse.
Aston has arrived from the west, riding a warhorse.
A crow has arrived from the west.
A young Tower Guard has arrived from the west.
A Tower guard has arrived from the west.

Draz looks at a Tower guard.

Catisune looks down to the top of her stack. This book’s title is something esoteric and obscure. She begins rummaging in her bag of sewing trinkets.

A black cat has arrived from the west.

A black cat sniffs the ground...

A black cat hits a crow's right wing.
A black cat sniffs the ground...

Kohaku clambers to his feet.

Kohaku strikes a crow's left wing into bloody fragments!
A crow is dead! R.I.P.
A crow stops following Aston.

Kohaku returns casually to his seat on a bench.

Kohaku sits down on a bench.

Catisune says 'You too are a Hunter then?'

Catisune says 'But what should I call you?'

Catisune purses her lips, and the corners twitch tighter than the strings of a coin pouch.

Kohaku scans the crowd before continuing, only to give a gesture that suggests he would return.

Kohaku clambers to his feet.

Kohaku leaves west. <<

Catisune stands up.

Draz gives a Tower guard an order.

Kohaku has arrived from the west.

Catisune beckons Kohaku to follow her.

Kohaku gives you a sheet of paper.

Kohaku starts following Catisune.

Catisune begins stowing books unceremoniously into her tawny bag. She strides from the square in a scritching of russet skirts.

<The pair enter the Tower>

Kohaku has arrived from the south.

Kohaku falls in step.

In the Guest Room
This windowless room is outfitted with all amenities that would accomodate
a long stay as a guest of the White Tower. There is a bed large enough for
two, a table and two chairs, a wash basin with a mirror and a richly
decorated chamber screen, painted with birds in flight. A pile of wood lies
next to a hearth, above which hangs a painting of a sweeping landscape.
An Illian Companion soldier keeps a vigilant watch here.
An Illian Companion soldier keeps a vigilant watch here.
An attentive ambassador stands here.
Kohaku has arrived from the south.

Kohaku looks at an Illian Companion soldier.

Kohaku looks around at the bed, the table, and chairs.

Catisune alights upon a chair at the table as a bird might, her eyes sharp and curious, trained as they are upon Kohaku.

Catisune says 'Forgive Draz Gaidin. He is a terrible boor.'

Catisune says with twinkling eyes 'And of course I do not lie.'

Kohaku says 'Only judgment given to the living Shadowseye in their company.'

Catisune is carrying:
a sheet of paper
a plate of hot stew with some bread
a hunk of beef
ten gold crowns

read paper
There is something written upon it:

Kohaku Dontomo, a hunter of the horn.

Kohaku is fine.

Catisune puts a sheet of paper in a bag of sewing trinkets.

Kohaku scans the room once again, before settling his sight on a chair that looks out at the door, and taking a seat.

Catisune says 'So tell me, Master Dontomo, why do you seek my counsel?'

Kohaku says 'If only to know what you know you don't know, in the search for the Horn that seems to be the only facts to chase.'

Kohaku says 'I do not wish to doubt your knowledge, but I seek your stories if you have them to share. Counsel in them I find.'

Catisune nods, the bun atop her head swaying dangerously.

Catisune says 'Well, where have you looked?'

Kohaku says 'Lately I've been in the Windbiter's Fingers searching ship wrecks, but these legs have seen a lot of the world.'

Catisune says 'Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin.'

Kohaku mouths the call.

Catisune recites the Old Tongue casually, though she watches Kohaku for his reaction.

Kohaku says 'Likely a stubborn bastard that wrote that.'

Catisune says 'And what do you seek it for? Glory to the Horn-Sounder?'

Kohaku chuckles before looking to see if he had offended you.

Kohaku says 'It's an easy out for many hunters.'

Catisune has discovered an embroidery hoop somewhere, and she works it with meticulous stitches. She appears to be barely listening, so absorbed is she in her handicraft.

Catisune says 'Oh?'

Kohaku says 'Nothing stops the Last Battle, so we must find the horn.'

Kohaku says 'I don't think I could avoid the glory, but it must be found.'

Catisune 's eyes narrow like tweezers.

Kohaku says 'Fame would be the cost, I guess, to pay for a better chance in the end.'

Catisune says 'But what if you found it but another must sound it?'

Kohaku seems to let the suggestion roll off him without much of a reflective response.

Kohaku says 'It's a wash. The horn would be where it should be.'

Kohaku says 'So long as the Dark does not sound the horn, then the horn will be where it should be.'

Catisune says '"Let whosoever sounds me think not of glory, but only of salvation."'

Kohaku mouths the final word.

Kohaku shifts his face further back into his robe.

Catisune works her hoop with a steady and sure hand, though she has taken to studying the man before her as if he were a fine painting.

Kohaku gestures to the painting above the hearth.

Catisune 's eyes follow Kohaku's arm.

Kohaku says 'The plains of Maredo are an expanse like none other. It is surprising to find it captured and prized here.'

Catisune says 'Why do you think so?'

Kohaku says 'Much like the horn I think.'

Kohaku says 'It could be anywhere, it might as well be there. It is not anywhere. But anywhere is somewhere.'

Kohaku seems to become absorbed in repetitive words.

Kohaku says 'You are here. Anywhere is here. Somewhere is anywhere. If you are looking for somewhere it is not anywhere.'

Kohaku pulls his eyes away from the painting, adjusting once again to his environment.

Catisune says 'Do you think meditation and philosophy will yield the fruit of your quest?'

Kohaku says 'It is the only fruit, I guess, that it has yielded. '

Catisune says 'Excuse me briefly.'

<Catisune exits briefly and then returns>

Catisune is carrying:
a book on a history of the horn of valere
a book on ancient maps of the blight
a book on theories of the horn
a plate of hot stew with some bread
a hunk of beef
ten gold crowns

Catisune manages to bumble into the room despite her air of dignity and authority. She carries several books in her spindly arms.

Catisune says 'Very few will ever access the tomes located in the restricted sections of our library.'

Kohaku says 'This, I assume, is a lesson learned.'

Catisune continues, and pedantically 'Scholars write petitions and then wait years for a chance to visit these stacks briefly.'

Catisune begins lining up books before her on the table.

Kohaku considers the statement briefly.

Catisune is carrying:

Catisune says 'So I doubt any hunters have ever seen these particular books.'

Catisune says 'You will keep them safe for me?'

Kohaku says 'I will Aes Sedai.'

Catisune gives a book on a history of the horn of valere to Kohaku.

Catisune gives a book on theories of the horn to Kohaku.

Catisune gives a book on ancient maps of the blight to Kohaku.

Kohaku says 'It is likely that I would find a nice sunny clearing and focus on them.'

Catisune says 'That last might be of especial benefit if my own suspicions are one day to be confirmed.'

Kohaku says 'a sunny clearing in an inn's yard, likely.'

Kohaku says 'Yes.'

Kohaku says 'I suppose it may be hidden as close as possible to the enemy.'

Catisune says 'Off with you then. Seek me later with your theories and findings, dear. And perhaps a nice spot of tea.'

Kohaku says 'We are all blind to our weeds.'

Kohaku nods absently.

Catisune says 'The forest for the trees?'

Catisune says 'Hmm.'

Kohaku says 'Thank you for your time Aes Sedai.'

Catisune says 'Light illumine you and keep you safe, hunter.'

Kohaku grabs his staff and turns toward the door.

Kohaku mouths salvation as he walks out.

Kohaku leaves south. vv

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Re: Anywhere Is Somewhere

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