Meeting the new Apprentice --- &RPaward

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Meeting the new Apprentice --- &RPaward

Post by Anna » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:23 am

Ely edit 30 Jul 2021.

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
Extra meticulous edit +1 qps : o
Length bonus +1-2 qps : o

Summary: +1 qps : o

Total: 3 qps, Onduril awarded as well, Ominas and Trakis getting an rpkudos


It's been a long time since I've taken the time to log any sort of roleplay, but I'm back after a long time. It was lovely to get back into it!

The Warders' Practice Yard
A large expanse of bare ground at least fifty paces across and nearly twice
as long stretches forth, its earth beaten hard. At intervals around it
under the trees standd wooden stands holding quarterstaffs and practice
swords made of strips of wood bound loosely together, and a few real swords
and axes and spears. A large gray stone building lies to the east, home to
the warder students and those warders who are not sharing quarters with
their Aes Sedai in the main Tower structure itself.
Anna says 'Hello, gentleman.'

Anna says 'So lovely to see you all.'

Trakis says 'Granlin is the Warder, our fellow Gaidin'

Ominas says 'What brings you to the training yard today, Lady Anna?'

Ominas says 'Ahh'

Ominas says 'I always forget which is which'

Ominas says 'i never really looked'

Anna says 'Oh, well.'

Trakis says 'Now the next time you are unsure, you will surely remember this conversation'

Anna smiles sweetly.

Anna says 'It's always nice to see how the men train.'

Anna says 'For my...'

Anna pauses.

Anna bites her lip.

Anna says 'For my studies, you see.'

Ominas says 'You know, Trakis says the same thing.'

Ominas looks at Trakis.

Ominas nods in agreement.

Ominas says 'I think I understand.'

You smile happily.

Ominas says 'it helps clear your minds, watching all the discipline.'

Trakis says 'You know nothing, Lord Ominas'

Anna says 'I'm sure Trakis Gaidin is an excellent study of form.'

Onduril practices his sword forms.

Anna leans forward, cupping a hand over her mouth.

Anna gestures towards Onduril.

Ominas says 'Lord Trakis is, and has an excellent form. Show her the pose you do when you behead fades?'

Anna says 'And this one, Sirs?'

Anna says 'How is his form?'

Trakis says 'We're deciding'

Anna says 'I haven't seen him around the Tower much before.'

Ominas nods at Trakis.

smile onduril
You smile at him.

Trakis says 'We brought him here recently'

Trakis says 'Off a farm in Illian I believe'

Anna says 'Oh?'

Onduril nearly stumbles, catching Anna's smile.

Anna tilts her head.

Ominas says 'Something like that.'

Onduril says 'Well, I am still learning'

Onduril nods at Trakis.

Anna says 'An Illianer?'

Onduril says 'Aye, Illian it do be.'

Ominas says 'Issue practice sword.'

Onduril says 'Though I am more a resident of Tar Valon, these days'

You nod in agreement.

Ominas says 'Coulin issue practice sword.'

Onduril says 'Lord Ominas keeps me thoroughly occupied'

Anna says 'Well, I would recognise that accent anywhere.'

smile onduril
You smile at him.

Anna says 'Welcome to Tar Valon, Sir.'

Onduril bows before you.

Onduril says 'Many thanks, m'lady'

Anna smiles softly.

Onduril eats an apple.

Onduril eats an apple.

Onduril eats an apple.

Anna says 'Lord Ominas has a way of keeping people occupied, yes.'

Onduril nods in agreement.

Onduril says 'Never a dull moment'

Ominas glances up, having heard his name.

Ominas nods to himself, he must need reassurance.

Anna smiles shyly, 'I was just saying you can keep us all occupied, Lord Ominas.'

Ominas says 'I do try.'

Trakis nods in agreement.

Trakis says 'I think it is off to the barracks for me'

Ominas says 'You're from Illian too, aren't you Anna?'

You blink your eyes innocently.

Anna says 'No, Sir.'

Ominas claps Trakis on the back.

smile trakis
You smile at him.

Trakis smiles at you.

Anna says 'Sleep well, Gaidin.'

Trakis claps Onduril on the back.

Trakis gets the severed head of Lexiano the Seanchan slain in Tarabon from an embroidered, cotton shoulder bag.

Trakis leaves west riding a bloodstock stallion.

Anna says 'Illian is not where I am from, m'Lord.'

Anna says 'I was born in Arad Doman.'

Anna says 'Bandar Eban, actually.'

Ominas says 'Ahh, sounds like Illian to me.'

Anna places a hand on her cheek.

Anna says 'My skin was a little darker when I first came to Tar Valon.'

Anna purses her lips.

Anna says flatly,'Well. It is not the same.'

Trakis has arrived from the south.

Trakis bows deeply.

Trakis whispers something to Coulin the Master of Arms.

Coulin the Master of Arms nods at Trakis.
Coulin the Master of Arms unlocks the officedoor.
Coulin the Master of Arms opens the officedoor.

Trakis leaves east.

Coulin the Master of Arms closes the officedoor.
Coulin the Master of Arms locks the officedoor.

Onduril nods in agreement.

Onduril says 'No, I dare say the Domani are renowned as quite more striking than we Illianers.'

Onduril says 'Better dancers too, I hear.'

Anna pulls her hair forward running her fingers through.

Anna smiles shyly.

Anna says 'Well, that is what they say.'

Anna says 'But what of you, Sir Onduril?'

Anna tilts her head.

Anna says 'Why leave your farm and travel to the beck and call of Lord Ominas?'

Onduril says 'Praytell, m'lady, how are you finding your studies in the White Tower? So busy do the Aes Sedai keep their initiates that I rarely see one but in a rush from one place to the next.'

Onduril nods at you.

smile onduril
You smile at him.

Anna says 'My studies are...'

Onduril says 'Well, a farm has very few prospects outside of farming, you see.'

Anna pauses, searching.

Anna says 'They are as they are.'

nod onduril
You nod at him.

Onduril ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Anna says 'What did you farm?'

Onduril says 'Oh my parents farmed tabac. Not as well as they do in the Two Rivers, of course.'

As you watch Ominas seems to melt into the background, vanishing.

Onduril says 'Perhaps one reason why they were so poor.'

You nod in agreement.

Onduril says 'Well you can't support as many mouths as they had to feed forever, so it was off into the world with me.'

Anna says 'I would admit, I don't know Illian well, but tabac would seem an odd choice for the climate.'

Onduril says 'And I find the wider world quite agrees with me.'

You nod in agreement.

Onduril nods at you.

Anna says 'Well, a finer city you wouldn't have found.'

smile onduril
You smile at him.

Anna looks you up and down.

Anna says 'And I'm sure Tar Valon will be glad to have you here.'

Onduril says 'Aye. A life in service of Tar Valon and the Aes Sedai, learning the blade from the Gaidin, that is the life for me.'

Onduril says 'Though I've found it is quite a bit more slogging through the mud and sleeping in bushes than the books would have you believe.'

You chuckle politely.

Anna says 'I'm afraid the books often leave out a few details.'

Anna says 'Which, I find with my own studies, there is nothing quite like going out into the world to compare what I read.'

Anna rubs her foot casually in the dirt.

Onduril says 'Aye, the glamor is overrated. But I come from a farm, so mud and bushes are old friends.'

Anna says 'Perhaps you might come with me on occasion.'

Anna glances at Ominas.

Onduril nods at you.

Anna says 'When m'Lord has no other tasks, of course.'

As you watch Ominas seems to melt into the background, vanishing.

Onduril says 'As long as Lord Ominas approves, of course, my blade is always ready to serve one of the initiates of Tar Valon.'

Onduril kneels solemnly before you.

Anna smiles slightly.

Anna says 'I'm sure Lord Ominas would not expect me to go alone.'

Onduril says 'And what brought you from Bandar Eban to Tar Valon?'

The White Tower's spire gleams softly in the first light of a new day.

Anna says 'Well, I really had little choice, Sir.'

Anna says 'It was discovered I could touch the Source.'

Onduril says 'Just so. Even though I've no doubt you can handle any trouble that comes at you, a second set of eyes to watch your back are never remiss.'

Anna says 'And I do know of some girls who were in a similar situation and were not sent...'

Anna pauses.

Anna says 'But with Falme and the Seanchan so close.'

Onduril looks around uncomfortably.

Anna says 'My parents were fearful I would be found by the invaders and captured.'

Anna says 'So I was sent to Tar Valon to train to be Aes Sedai.'

Onduril says 'Yes, I think I understand. I've heard they have been scouring the villages on Almoth Plain.'

You nod in agreement.

Onduril says 'A nasty business, that.'

Anna hugs herself a little, face dropping.

Onduril frowns.

Anna says 'Yes.'

Anna says 'Much safer here.'

Ominas disappears into the void.

Anna says 'And also much to learn.'

Onduril nods, a smile returning to his face.

Onduril says 'For both of us, I think.'

You nod in agreement.

Anna says 'Well, Sir.'

Anna steps forward, touching your arm.

Anna says 'It is lovely you are here.'

Anna says 'Lord Ominas is firm, but fair. He will teach you well.'

Onduril smiles ruefully.

Anna says 'But for now, I must return to the library.'

Onduril nods at you.

Anna says 'I'm sure I will see you again.'

You wave.

Onduril sketches a hasty, deep bow.

c onduril
[curtsey ]
You curtsey before him.

Anna leaves west.

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Re: Meeting the new Apprentice

Post by Ominas » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:41 am

Nice log, I forsee a long future for you two.

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Re: Meeting the new Apprentice

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Ominas wrote:
Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:41 am
Nice log, I forsee a long future for you two.
And hopefully more roleplay logs to come!

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Re: Meeting the new Apprentice

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Super cool! Great read

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