Crier XP Scalps

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Crier XP Scalps

Post by Gesin » Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:50 am

If you or a newbie are looking to level up a character, don't miss the Town Crier XP Scalps, to get you up to level 30: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17247

Now that I have completed all 50 Crier XP Scalp quests, after doing a very dignified victory dance, I am ready to talk about it!

To Feneon, who helped answer my questions and put me in the right direction on a couple of them, thank you so much. Digging into this system and figuring out the solution to each one was a lot of small puzzles rolled up together. It was very well put together and I enjoyed it immensely. It is also extremely useful for reducing the time to level. I know I've used it to help Sarenna, Viridiana, Ivran, and a couple to Franky, three of those players I am fairly sure are new to our mud. I can't state how much fun I had figuring these out and using them to help others. Thanks so much!

To everyone, I have updated the Cirer Quests wiki page with what you are looking for to whom:

Some tips to help you.
1) A map is very helpful. Use it to walk the nearby zones. Open doors!
2) If you scalp a mob, check the wiki to see if the region matches what is posted,
3) if a certain scalp doesn't work, search for mobs closer to the crier, then expand out.
4) A lot of the mobs are no-loc because of the room they are in. That usually means an indoor under-ground or behind-a-hidden door room. 5) If you are having trouble, know that several needs Search, a couple require notice, and a few use a canoe or raft. Many uses a door, often hidden.
5) I found the easier ones were the ones more 'central' to the map. Andor, Two Rivers, and Lugard.
6) You do not need Pick or keys for any of them.
7) Feel free to send me a mail if stumped on one. Include the room name that you got the scalp from or where you are looking.

A few Hints already made public or I think is acceptable to hint at:
- Remen three-needle pine - Get one east of remen, not west.
- Glancor thief - Requires notice and isn't far from the other Crier XP scalp location
- Alindaer two-headed serpent - Not the ones in Caralain Grass Mound
- Cairhien and Maerone Cairhienin Outlaw - There are easier ones than the ones in Belroi smob
- Amador Veteran Mercenary - There are easier ones than those with the Brute mini-smob
- Maradon smuggler - I need 79 or 86% search for this one. Not conflusive, but I found it when I upped my Search.
- Baerlon Burly Bandit - Used to be a dynamic event quest. A little further from Baerlon than the majority of these quests.
- Maerone Gray Man - the scalp will say Gray Man. If you get to his room from Maerone instead of Aringill you don't need Pick.
- Aringill frightened thief - Not the ones south or west of Caemlyn
- Whitebridge half-beast - The quests tells you to bring a rope. Do so, just to be safe! Remember to hold it and climb cliff if you need to.

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Re: Crier XP Scalps

Post by Gesin » Wed May 24, 2023 11:51 am

I created some In-Character hints to all of the crier xp scalp quests and placed them in the Role Play forum:

XP Crier Scalp Hints:

The wiki page is helpful when deciphering the clues:

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Re: Crier XP Scalps

Post by Rin » Fri May 26, 2023 1:40 pm

Thank you so much for doing this. Really well done.

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Re: Crier XP Scalps

Post by Blael » Sat Jul 08, 2023 5:21 pm

Re: Glancor thief

The crier accepts a frigtened thief scalp if it's from the right zone.

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