How long have you played and what are your goals?

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Roberto » Mon May 27, 2024 11:38 am

Rob is over 600 and was my first character. I think that puts it around 2005 I joined. From the very start I started Rping him from Malkier, and had met Rico and some other of the old school TB and decided that the only clan that made sense for him was Thiefbane. They woudln't accept a newb into TB so everyone told me to try another clan instead, but I refused. I didnt get to clan him until he was over 200. He was my first clanned, I had a winger at one point who deleted and an SS who was clanned, but he was defintely the only character that people would even remember. I didnt even clan a DS until the past 6 months.

As such, my main goal basically is based around him. Get him to r8. After that I will prob try to master my troll and then go for my first bonused character if I can get over my fear of leading and hatred of bashing. So boring.

I have a deep seeded desire to have a BT, so I can play the other side of the conflict but I have no idea how one even goes about doing that.

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by dracon » Mon May 27, 2024 2:06 pm

What brought me here: I use to be into D&D and started to find muds that were similar and after I read the First Book I searched for a mud and found this one, it was still in its development phase and the Imms didn't seem to mind me playing here at the time.
well Dracon is going on 900 and the character was given to me as a pity prize because I had been trying to stat a decent character for like a year before that with no luck. Older characters include Kryllie one of the first Thiefbane members(character deleted) and Ezric one of the first Valons(now known as Tower guards)(character deleted), stats were horrible! I would like to say 1994 is when I first came here but it could have been late 93.
My goals well, just hang out and help where I can and I think I will finally try to master my first character lol
One rank away from it, and it only took 20 years :p
Maybe sometime next year I will master, I still need to learn how to PK if I want to master per the new rule changes. first day trying, I lasted half a fight just east of baerlon got doored and did not know i could flee dismounted lol lesson learned. will be seeing you all north of FD soon. If life does not pull me away again...

I have been off and on and seems like I missed the muds hayday when life took over for some years. people tell me over 100 players use to log in.

I stick around because I like the world that has been created here
I like the people that hang out here
It is better than watching TV

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Geoff » Sat Jun 01, 2024 7:35 am

Started around high school after being introduced to WOT by my best friend circa 2002. Miss you Mike.

Been in and out intermittently as real life slows down and speeds up. Most recent run (dare I say the funnest and most rewarding) was taking a step out of my Andor comfort zone into some northern smobbing runs with Draz, Eldrenia and co.

Most important goal is mastering Geoff

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Bumper » Sat Jun 01, 2024 10:23 am

I remember you Geoff!

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Mronz » Tue Jun 11, 2024 12:55 am

I think I found WOTMUD 1999ish...
This was only my second ever text based game, other was Trade Wars, an old turn based space game.

I died a lot... like a lot, on LS, I was about to say in the beginnings, but hell, I still die a lot, just with more flare.

As soon as SS beta ended, and they opened the side, I fled LS, and didn't look back, for like 20 years.

Had a blast on SS, Amria mastering Seanchan Imperial Guard, starting back when it was just a SPRC, thought up/ran by Drol.

Sronz r5ish Torm.
Aronz Mandarb, just because I could, I hate playing rogues.
Lronz White Leopards, or I guess EVA/IA now.

Rei, Damane, for the single purpose of bringing gate to seanchan, and there were some new cool people all clanning/damaning all at the same time.

Mronz, my second master, deathwatch. Clanning DW, under the gaze/tutilage of Tzao, Maeglin, Ludn, Alima, and crew, felt like I'd hung the moon.

HAHAHA, Maeglin, I introduced him to wotmud around 2000-2002, when we were in high school, , and he got the bug fast, that guy was amazing. I can still remember explaining the game, and leading him around, and then I blinked, and he was a million miles beyond me.

Decided it was finally time to ever get my sedai, so I managed to finally get Cindy from accepted, and had an incredible time clanning her brown.
Sadly as goals go, Cindy's entire goal, for 20 years, was to clan brown... and I did, and pretty much just stopped playing her, since after having all of the aja tasks, accepted quests, etc, I found myself with "nothing official to do", and just stopped mudding all together.

Which brings me back to goals and not mudding.
Married, owning two small businesses, an 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old son... I'm pretty much demoted to a forum lerker, with the monthly mronz log ins... to kill a couple sw smobs, lol, and get wrecked by 2 fades, like what happened last month. *shakes his fist about his lost maul*

Goals, sadly, I don't have any, and I think that is where my lack of playing comes, even if I tried to make the time. Not going to blame it all on the death of SS, but that had a huge hand in breaking me of the addiction to play, but as this post proves, I still pop on forums every week or two, just to see how its going.

This thread was a great idea.

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Bryan » Wed Jun 12, 2024 3:43 am

Fun thread, hah.

I started playing in middle school -- so 1997 or so. A school friend (infamously Noikor) and two other friends started reading the Wheel of Time and got me to read it too. I think I was the one who found WoTMUD, pretty sure via an AOL search back in the day. The idea of an online game with other people based on the Wheel of Time was pretty amazing, and I loved how immersive it felt.

I started with an MC on LS (like most people, I think), and quickly discovered the pain. I made a semi-successful rogue, and then a trolloc and really enjoyed DS. I wasn't much of an RPer back then so my Tower channelers always ended poorly (usually with me declanned for some offense or another), and this was the heyday of character trading. I traded a bunch of characters around and eventually ended up with Bryan. His stats were awful (16 14 14 18 14 -- woo 128 max sps and terrible spell pracs), but had decent physicals for the day, so I clanned Thiefbane and planned to go Darkfriend (This dodger using a bone blade is totally not an MC, I promise! Sort of worked back when eq was worse in general.). I had always liked Known Darkfriend and how Eleanor in particular managed to be super scary while also being hunted by the entire game. It was a super unique and challenging role. That was pretty much my only goal at the time, and I dumped many, many, many hours into Bryan. Dreadlord was eventually introduced and so I went for that, but I think old school Known Darkfriend was really my most memorable experience here. Everything was super hard and dangerous, but it was a lot of fun. There was no progression path or anything like that (altqps and DF quests did not exist), so I mostly just enjoyed the experience since there were no goals to grind towards. I think that generally lent towards me trying to make sure I wasn't griefing people out of the game as a DF, since there were no rewards and I was mostly socializing with LS (DS hated having DFs around north pk) and sort of enjoyed the frenemy status.

I've accumulated a number of other chars over the years but wouldn't say I have really had another serious goal per se. Mostly just enjoy playing the game - it's super nostalgic and it was really awesome to see it still around when I rejoined during the pandemic (think I had last played seriously ~2004-ish and had already drifted away during college as life got busy).

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by gok » Wed Jun 12, 2024 5:00 pm

I really appreciated the character arc of Bryan you did a fantastic job with him!

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by astrid » Thu Jun 13, 2024 9:23 pm

the first time i logged on was some time in the late 90s, i friend of mine in high school introduced me to the game cause we had both been reading the books at the time. he made a mc and I made a fc, but i promised not to tell anyone what I knew. I think back then a lot of the people i interacted with were secret (or less secret) mcs cause of numbers and the books were then currently being published so a bunch of wannabe Rands were all over. I remember playing on and off a bit, I think i had a novice at some point when you could be a novice at level 10? and maybe a different novice who burned herself out channelling next to a portal stone? but i didn't really play properly until i reread the books in the late 2000s and decided min was definitely cooler than egwene and elayne and started a rogue. I think astrid started with something like 17 19 17 and it'l slowly crept up over the years from some lucky rerolls. I think i have my 600th birthday coming up in a few months.

it's been on and off, mostly off, since then. i did end up making another fc, and got to accepted this time, now i gotta get her to stop sleeping all day and figure out an ajah to attempt to apprentice to, that's a goal (i GUESS also shawling, eventually, that's a related goal). I always thought a thiefbane would be neat, i like the vibe, but I'm not sure I can really manage my eventual goal of trying to get my accepted to pass the shawl and my even more eventual goal of singing my way to master and focus on a third alt. but who knows. maybe my goal should just be an apprentice that doesn't go missing. again.

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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by Lorrah » Fri Jun 14, 2024 7:43 am

As with others here, I read the books and looked around for a Wheel of Time game as RJ really drew me in. Think it was about 2002/3 when I started playing, and kept at it for 2-3 years.

After a (very) brief stint playing the FPS Doom-like rubbish that was floating around, I found this game. Not played dungeons since the late 80s, so didn't really know what to expect having a multiplayer version and gave it a go. Struggled to get the hang of it, till i got to level 3 I think, and having finally managed to discover:

1) how to chat; and
2) that the mobol for getting out of the bloody thief practice was different from getting in!;

I died to Torit in one of the corner towers of Cammy. Everyone was great, got re-kitted by peeps into better gear, and that was me hooked!

After getting HoL warranted on my 1st 'proper character' Marwenn for armoring Janers in Cammy central (lol) I rolled Raynee, and got her up to Tower Accepted, before RL took its toll and I stopped playing. Dug up my who-list the other day to remind me who i was playing with, so I'll post em here to see if they tickle memories:

#VAR Friend {Balendra|Boogie|Clandhenburg|Gordie|Jordl|Juvy|Kayleigh|Marcell|Merlyn|Sharran|Static}

Claim to fame: Wrote the original side-trades guide for the old website.
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Re: How long have you played and what are your goals?

Post by cannibal » Fri Jun 14, 2024 8:25 am

Hmmm been so long. I started in the summer of 2000. I think I had 3-4 LS characters which never really got past level 15 at the time, and all had awful stats because I had no idea what stats even were, and barely how to practice. I eventually started on DS with different characters, and at the time had gotten my RL brother to play(this got me into so much trouble because of wait times and other stuff, namely dracmus chasing me around killing me because of something my brother did). In the summer of 2001 I buckled down and stat my hunter, Anthrax, who was 18 17 18, on 25 August. A few weeks later an imm pinged me saying maybe I should change my name because of 9/11, so he was renamed to Cannibal. I bounced him all around. Bryan told me I should join Dha'vol, which I did, and around rank 5 I moved to Ghar'ghael where I mastered, after ages.

I eventually returned to LS with Xarim. At the time he was a Gaidin aspirant, almost up for his vote (with Argayle no less) when I got deployed. So I gave him away. Before all that I used to run around mostly with Deedlit, Nadia, Alfa, Curtis, and Ashlynn/Caelo.

I mostly gave up on LS for ages, until I seen that Xarim had been deleted finally, and restatted him, after running into Caelo on DS and her convincing me to restat him. Thus begin his 2nd run at Gaidin, still not sure how I passed the vote. Ranked to 5 and bonded Caelo, and stayed that way for awhile. Until Caelo had some Rl stuff and couldnt log on. So I bonded Alison until Caelo came back and that was that.

But before all of that, I faded Cannibal. Can't remember exactly when, probably somewhere around mid 2010's, so 2014 or 2015 maybe? Then as Cannibal goes he was made a dreadlord, and then back to fade. I made way to many friends over the past few decades to list, on both LS/DS. I still hop on both sides occasionally but really I just hang out on LS now on some unknown alts just because I am constantly dung now and don't want anyone to have any sort of high expectations out of me. I really never took the game as seriously as most, I am just very persistent.

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