friendly reminder

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friendly reminder

Post by Loret » Sun Aug 07, 2022 12:43 am

I just wanted to say it, and it's been said many times before but, this is just a game. I understand everyone plays it differently, and I'm also very aware that if you don't play it according to some people's way they think the game should be played, then those people will come off the hinges.

While we're all here though, just so everyone knows, I deeply enjoy playing this game and have for a long time. There are times when it frustrates me or I don't agree with certain changes but, largely I move on and find something else to be passionate about and pour myself into that role. I have really enjoyed role playing a lot lately and trying to stick to my duties as a Child of the Light. What that means for some of you with a Child of the Light warrant, is that if you're online and I'm online, there's a good chance I'm actively trying to figure out where you are and how I can bring some light to your door step. I love to pk! I love playing the part of my character, and to me it's super rewarding.

I typically try and leave most of the rhetoric at home. Sometimes I'll use it sparingly to wind people up to my advantage but, usually I don't. I fight a lot of trollocs. When I can though, my personal favorite is hunting warranted people because for me, when I log on my alts deep down inside I know the chance of someone coming to collect on me for having a warrant is virtually non existent. So, when I play my Child of the Light, I think it's really fun to change that statistic greatly and actually hunt the bad guys for a change. It's challenging, and it takes a lot of problem solving, risk calculation, and effort. This is a game, so I'd say that's a pretty sweet exchange because most games don't give me that kind of excitement that goes into hunting wanted players the way it does here. Please understand that when I come after you it's purely from a logic statement that goes something like this:

"If you have a warrant, and I can find you, I will try and kill you". That's it! That's the recipe, that's what I do, I just prioritize it more than most. So if you got stalked in the White Tower, or I found you in transition from one town to another, or you got caught smobbing, I'm working super hard to be one step ahead of you to make this happen. That's the challenge in it.

I understand sometimes this might rub people the wrong way, or upset some people but I just want to leave this here and make it abundantly clear that when I come after you, it's still a game to me. I'm playing the same game you are playing I'm just playing it my way in that moment. I don't hate anyone or hold personal grudges. I honestly can't even keep up with people's alts anymore I literally forget who everyone even is, so don't take it personally. I have zero bad blood against any player in the game, even some of the hardo's. I just log in, and play to have some fun. It's never personal, but it might not be comfortable. I can live with that, I'm just asking you to not berate me or cross the lines between the game and the player please. If you're mad at Loret, the Child of the Light for hunting you, so be it. If you're mad at the player or you cross the lines and curse and carry on because you're mad at the player (me), that instantly ruins part of the game for me. You can be upset Loret all you want, but don't belittle me as a person behind the keyboard because you're mad at something that happened to you in the text game. I wouldn't do it to you, I expect the same common courtesy from others as well.

If you're legit in a bad spot and you have something going on or an emergency in rl, you can tell me that and I'll be like ok man, and I'll let you skate. I might attack you and you might beat the tar out of me or even kill me, that's ok too. It's still just a game. It's not a pass or fail eval, it doesn't measure your self worth or value, it's just part of this little wierd quirky text game we've all been playing for too long.

Anyways, don't take it personally, try and enjoy yourself, if I'm causing your a crazy amount of stress or just ruining any aspect of the game for you lets sit down and talk that over but, other than that I pretty much left it all on the field for you so, don't act surprised if I pop up and try and do my job, or if I seem to be enjoying the game I'm playing.

The player of Loret.

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Re: friendly reminder

Post by Sarinda » Sun Aug 07, 2022 7:44 am

Totally support this and agree with this, and hope people can understand where Loret-player is coming from. I don’t love being backstabbed and blicked myself, but I love the fact that you can do it and I like that it forces me to be on my toes.

Boboliosie is a great example of this too. If you are a Tower player and he is online, expect to be hunted and stay alert.

If you are a known male channeler, and I am online, also assume there is a chance I am actively hunting you and that I’m not doing it to be a jerk. I chased one MC across the world once and got several angry tells saying that I was making the game unfun for him. I let him go that time but made it very clear myself that this is my RP, the MC tag at creation clearly tells you that you will be hunted, and I didn’t love it when he sleep-stabbed me dead the week before :P but here we are.

I prefer people not to kill me when I’m AFK or at least return gear if they realize it after the fact, but whatever, that rare is just a line of text and I’ll get another some day.

I think known DFs face this a lot and get a lot of shade for doing what they do. I hope we can all take a breath and just get back to playing and not grudge holding in an unhealthy way.

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Re: friendly reminder

Post by Tyrex » Sun Aug 07, 2022 7:50 pm

R u ok

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Re: friendly reminder

Post by Masaj » Fri Aug 19, 2022 12:42 pm

Tyrex wrote:
Sun Aug 07, 2022 7:50 pm
R u ok

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