The reach of the black flame extends even further

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The reach of the black flame extends even further

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:28 pm

Dark flames begin to dance, then suddenly coalesce into the shape of a man. As the myrddraal emerges from the black flame his terrifying gaze fixes itself on you.

"On your feet, maggot!" hisses the half-man. "The Great Lord is displeased with our lack of patrols in the western reaches of the great Blight. To make it easier for you lazy beasts to patrol this area, he has provided you and your generals with easier access to his fortress to the northwest. Step into the flame and you will find yourself in the Dark Fortress. Now go, and kill all that you find!"

The myrddraal turns into the dark flames, and is gone.


You may now use the black flame to make round trips between the Ruined Keep and the Dark Fortress. To travel to the Dark Fortress, use the command 'enter flame fortress'.

Please report any issues to Paladyr.