The Next Phase

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Voices of the Wheel
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The Next Phase

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sat May 09, 2020 6:25 pm

There was a bright flash of light and she immediately threw herself face down on the floor.

A man dressed in black stepped through the gateway, his blue eyes quickly surveying the room.

“G-g-g-great M-m-master, how can I serve?” she managed out in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

Suddenly she was upright again, hanging in midair, limbs stretched to the point of being pulled from their sockets.

His piercing blue eyes looked her over as he asked, “Did you think you could hide your failure from me?”

Words came in a rush for her. “Naron is dead. We are discovered in Tear. I did not want to risk- “

She screamed in agony as her right arm snapped at an unnatural angle.

“Continue with your task and do not fail me again.” he spoke sternly as he turned back towards the gateway.

She felt her body flying backwards as she crashed against the wall. The gateway flashing out of existence was the last thing she saw before losing consciousness.


Moridin stepped through the gateway into the citadel and immediately making his way to the vacuole.

“Lokras!” he said speaking as he entered. “The Black Ajah and their darkfriends have failed. It is time for a new tact.”

The new dreadlord nodded and simply saying, “Yes, Master, command me.”

“Send the horde”, Moridin spoke his voice tinged with fury, “They will cause more chaos and destruction then a few pitiful friends of the dark.”

Moridin turned and left as quickly as he arrived, returning to his den to contemplate the situation in the southwest.


On completion of the daily task, Lokras will now open a gate to somewhere in the southeast. The gate will function like the black flame, you will be able to enter if you are a hunter or warrior and do not have no quit. A fade mob will be stationed there to support you, say issue task at the fade for a list of tasks. Completion of a task will show your commitment to the region and you will receive additional mob support, up to and including a dreadguard. These tasks can be completed by any trolloc class.

Part 2. Any PK scalps with the tags of Mayene, Tear, or Haddon Mirk will be bonus qp awards. Turn these scalps into Lokras in TKD instead of your regular clan masters. Again this is for any trolloc class.

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Re: The Next Phase

Post by Korsik » Thu May 14, 2020 3:06 am

Minor Updates

1) The southeast fade mob will now award turn points to the trolloc or group of trollocs that complete all 6 tasks.

2) Human or Seanchan will now be awarded turn points for the death of certain mobs in the encampment.

Report any issues or bugs to Korsik.

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Re: The Next Phase

Post by Korsik » Sat May 23, 2020 5:34 pm

1) 2 tasks at the fade patrol are updated as certain mobs were removed
2) the fade mob will now narrate if attacked

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