The Might of the Horde

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The Might of the Horde

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Tue May 05, 2020 7:21 pm

The call went out and the horde assembled in Thakan’dar.

An unruly, unfocused group stood before Lokras.

His opening words caught their attention, ‘A blow to channelers.’

With the task assigned, the mighty Ghar’ghael trudged south as Dreadlord Rhahr and his companions scouted the surrounding areas.

The horde entered deep into the mountains, exchanging their flails and clubs for shovels. Furiously they dug, unearthing a relic from long ago. Together they hoisted the large stone onto a wagon and pulled it north to the winding road. Stopping at an oasis, they combined their might and pushed the large stone off the wagon into the mud.

Dreadlord Rhahr, the Ghar’ghael; Gryk, Harumph, Kultunk, Norggle, Porka, Zankou and Zarth, Ko’bal; Cruoris, and unclanned Zamiel recovered a remnant of the Age of Legends from the Spine and placed it on the winding road. The Oasis on the Winding Road is now a no-channel room.