A Turning Point

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A Turning Point

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Mon May 04, 2020 2:52 pm

A myrddraal strides into the room, dragging a man in a black coat pinned with a silver sword. The myrddraal roughly casts the man into the center of the room before disappearing back into the shadows.

The Asha’man looks around the room at his captors and says, ‘Make it quick, I have nothing left to give you.’

A tall, broad shouldered man steps toward his captive looking him over and gauging his resolve.

Moridin says, ‘That is where you are wrong, there is so much more for you to give.’

Thirteen myrddraal materialize from the shadows and stand alongside the men and woman in the room.

Moridin nods slightly and says, ‘It is time.’ as the thirteen dreadlords begin channeling saidar and saidan.

The Asha’man’s eyes go wide in terror before he slumps over.

Moridin lifts the man’s chin and says, ‘Just as you served Saniago, you now serve the Great Lord.’

Moridin draws his dagger and opens the man’s mouth. With a quick motion, he scrapes blood and saliva from the man’s inner cheek and deposits the fluids into a cour'souvra.

Moridin lightly taps the crystal, saying, ‘And this ensures you will obey me.’

Moridin says, ‘You will now be known as Lokras and your first task will be energizing the hunters and warriors of the horde.’

Dreadlord Lokras loads in TKD and will now issue a daily contest for the Dhai’mon, Dha’vol, Ghar’ghael, and Ahf’frait clans. This will be initiated over narrates and the first to complete the task will be rewarded. Should you miss the announcement, simply ask Lokras for a reminder. This is the first step in a larger project. Report all issues to Korsik.