A Declararation for the Shadow.

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A Declararation for the Shadow.

Post by Talimar » Sat May 02, 2020 3:40 am

Talimar Tianovni, was that even his name? He had gone by so many names he had lost count. He had been Murandian, Andoran, Tairen, Ghealdanin and for a time even swore his allegiance to Far Madding.
Now he was a Kandori, or so they thought. He had lived so many lies for so many years that even he had begun to believe them. But the lies no longer mattered, not now.

He sat in the Guild's common room, going over his ledgers. A force of habit, his shipments and books would be of no use to him in the days and months to come. His mind was elsewhere, he had almost been caught more than once now. At times through fault of his own, at times through the acts of the corrupt, but it did not matter. To be discovered meant death, he knew that.
The horse-stinking Saldaeans stumbled upon his work, but fortunately for him, the horses were the more intelligent members of the Cavalry, and he was thought of as no more than a common criminal.

As he watched the dying embers in the marble hearth, he felt it. That bone chilling dread that is the gaze of the myrddraal.

"It is time, M'taal." it rasped. "You have proven yourself as an agent of the Great Lord of the Dark, now go and prove yourself openly...." The fear was gone, along with the half man. He had his orders, and now it was time to show himself worthy of the gifts the Great Lord had bestowed upon him.
Leaving the Guild Hall for the last time, he muttered to himself "Let the Lord of Chaos rule!" and shut the door.

This journey was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.