Bonus qp zones

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Bonus qp zones

Post by Razhak » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:55 pm

Beasts and minions of the Great Lord,

In communication with Vampa, we as Chosen are allowed to decide on a monthly bonus qps zone for the Great Lord's hordes.

The bonus amount is going to be +2 qps for clanned trollocs only. A mail of the turn in with timestamp can be sent to Vampa for claiming the reward. Please be patient for he will have to do this manually.

Every month we get to nominate a zone for bonus qps for DS. If someone has input on a good zone to choose, or which zones would promote certain pk or areas of pk, please send your mails to the Chosen or contact us in game.

For the remainder of the month March, we will have Andor as bonus zone, for all of us to get used to it. A new zone will be selected beginning next month.

Kind regards,

the Chosen