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Moridin watched the tilled fields with experimental blighted crops through the glassless window, his back turned towards the room. The sun hung low over the horizon, casting a red light on the dry plains in the north-east Blight. He turned, eyeing his visitors as they all waited for news.

The horde had been sent out to investigate one of Graendal's reports. Graendal dealt in information, so chances were that her reports of activities surrounding the portal stones were correct. She had gone into great detail, mentioning groups of prisoners being taken to the portal stone and then later released while under Compulsion. All "Those Chosen To Rule The World Forever" knew Compulsion and its effects. They used the weave frequently. Those so-called Aes Sedai had banned it. Moridin smirked.

After consulting with Rahvin and Sammael, they had decided the best course of action was to send the Horde. Lanfear had confirmed that Saniago Torres was indeed Lews Therin reborn. Unconciously, Moridin's fist clenched. Lews Therin had been a thorn in his side for an Age, but in that parallel world, knowing that man was Lews Therin was useless. This was the True World, not that parallel world, whatever that fool Torres believed.

Strange as it was, the Shadow must now try to keep the humans' coalition against Torres' otherwordly threat from falling apart. The risk was simply too great if that world's ta'veren came to the True World. Such pull on the Pattern might cause it to unravel. Sammael had done well, getting rid of that False Dragon Gorin Rogad. So had Semirhage. If this Lews Therin thought in any way like himself or Demandred, then Mesaana and Be'lal would have their chance to prove themselves in the near future.

A soft chime rang and Moridin seized Saidin. A bright slash of light dilated into a gateway to another place. It was time to hear what the Horde had found.