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Post by Elysia » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:56 am


Thanks to our trollocs who ventured into strange lands and paved the way, we had a great victory against that Torres yesterday. However, when I awoke today, I hear that some took this all too literally:

Moridin says 'I will see you are rewarded, keep the spoils to yourselves.'

This does not mean that if you only arrived at the end of the search of Torres' pawn, you walk away with all the spoils.

For their insolence and displeasing the Chosen, Rig and Mikhan have been jailed until these spoils are returned to us. They will subsequently be doled out to the trollocs who did the work.


It's really simple, people. I know how DS hierarchy works and if you want to run that side that way for normal gameplay/ pk, that's fine. However, I do not spend a few hours putting a quest together, writing stuff, loading and kitting all the mobs so the two remorts can take the heron, heron scabbard, silver medallion, lace shirt and the trollocs -who had been there from the start- can make do with a maul, wicked axe and some Murgoz stuff. I have been monitoring bs during mobraids and announced what was looted so people can't quietly make off with stuff and I have continued doing that during these quests. In my book, this is no different.

Chosen or not, remort or not, at least have the decency to let trollocs who are pracced in a certain weapon get that weapon. Divide the winnings. You are a horde, not hoarders.