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EDIT: After consideration and the okay from Elysia, ALL MASTER DAMAGE AND POSTURES will be removed for the duration of the event. Because of this, teams of 3 no longer need to be 1 master and 2 non masters.

A lurk sits upon the ledge of the roof, his loose grip dangling a broken fiddle by its neck. Forked lightning gives illumination to the desolate city surrounding him. Screams of puke livestock being brought to slaughter bring the mockery of a smile to the hidden visage under his inky hood of darkness.

With an almost bored hiss, the stark ripping of ancient parchment, the would-be musician fade orders the presence of the Great Lord's chieftains. As each steps from the sweet embrace of the shadows, he speaks each name.

"Boghag." The Champion Warmonger.

"Blarg." The Overseer of the Dark.

"Akkad." The Left Hand of Darkness.

"H'Krreth." The Right Hand of Darkness.

"Maeltor." The Ruler of Pain.

The five hulking behemoths stand before the one, staring up at the odd myrddraal, as he picks at the fiddle's strings, not a single note in tune.

"The Great Lord demands a cull of the weak. The Tribes have become too lax, prone to the habits of vultures, instead of the thirsting of predators. The Ghar'ghael, and the Ahf'frait. The Dha'vol and the Dhai'mon. All shall go to war with one another. The Ko'bal...they shall fall upon one another in the wetting of their blades in each other's throats." He continued to pluck at the strings, imitating what the fiddle's previous owner had done, but failing to replicate the rich tones the fade had heard. "It is time for the cunning to lead, the strong to grasp their foes still-beating hearts, time for the weak to be utterly annihilated. So, to our Great Lord's favored, I bring to you the wishes of the Chosen. Prepare your tribes. To the victors, go the sweetest of spoils." With an off hand gesture, the distracted speaker tosses a bronze headed voulge at the feet of the gathered chiefs.

With serpentine grace, the Chosen rises to his feet, strapping the wreck of an instrument to his back, and -turns- into the shadows.

OOC: During a time to be scheduled during the final two weeks of August, the Thunderdome returns to Darkside. There will be 3v3 battles between the Ghar, the Ahf, the Dha, and the Dhai. The Ko'bal will have a free-for-all rogue only fight, because everyone hates same side stabbers.

For the Ghar, Ahf, Dha, and Dhai tribes:

Each clan may submit as many groups of 3 as they wish, with the following conditions, numbers permitting:

-You will have 4 pieces of meat, one skin, no pack, no potions.
-In the zone, during battle certain potions and items will be loaded for those quick enough to find them.
-Anything found in the zone is forfeited upon the end of combat.

-The Great Lord's worms have recovered Al'Akir's Despair, the bronze-headed voulge of the Malkieri, available to the winning group of 3.
-a heron marked blade
-a wicked knife bladed axe
-heron marked greatswords
-razor longswords
-pairs of long handled war axes
-pairs of gold-hilted hooked swords

Those masters deemed as outstanding leaders during the event will be rewarded with 25 alt quest points.

Whichever clan wins the event will be rewarded with master postures for all R5 and above members for the total time of one month.

For the Ko:

-You arrive with a dagger of your choosing and a skin, nothing else.
-It will be a free for all. The Great Lord does not care for the meek. You will be forced to kill or be killed.

-A triple bladed dagger
-A pair of moonstone hilted dirks
-A black lace shirt
-A surcoat of exquisite design

IMPORTANT: IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE MAIL FIDDLER VIA FORUM MAIL, ALONG WITH AVAILABILITY DURING THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF AUGUST. There will be another announcement during the first two weeks of August. Please send your groups of 3's via forum mail as well.

You may message me on discord, Fiddler#2745.

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Follow up info for the Culling AUGUST 17 NOONISH EST

Post by fiddler » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:37 pm

Event will take place August 17. Aiming for a NOONISH EST opening round time.THE START TIME IS FLEXIBLE

Your team of 3 needs to be submitted by mail before then. A reminder that your group just needs to be 3 of your clan members, rank does not matter.

You will have a choice of:
- an abs set consisting of oileds/thick boots/heavy gaunts/crested/burny.
- a combo set of rivs ftunic fur boots leather gloves rimmed helmet
-a kite shield
-taxe mallet or csword
- 1h scim, bone club, blue steel trident, fbladed stave.

If you need a reset before the event please contact myself or rig to facilitate a reset .

The only thing you will need to bring is 4 pieces of meat and a skin of blood. If you cannot manage your hunger/thirst, that is on you. You are expected to be able to provide for your self.

KOBAL. You may bring a shield and a dagger and a skin.

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