Becoming a Myrddraal [UPDATED 4/1/24]

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Becoming a Myrddraal [UPDATED 4/1/24]

Post by Tlaloc » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:18 pm

Attention Beasts, Wormlings, Miscreated animals of the Shadow:

Trollocs, assuming you can read at all, can check in-game at the Command Chamber in Thakan'dar for this exact information.

The trolloc can begin attempting to amass altqps once he or she has 1500 qps.
To remort into a Myrddraal, he or she must have:
  • 1500 qps
  • 500 altqps
  • 6 months as a Master in his or her clan
  • Have completed at least two city head hits
Altqps can be gained in the following manners:

250 altqps maximum from city heads
  • 125 each; no repeats
  • The list of available city-heads is Tear (Duberman), Cairhien (Galldrian), Illian (Mattin), Bandar Eban (Alsalam), Caemlyn (Gawyn, not Morgase), or Tar Valon (Siuan).
100 altqps maximum on notable targets from plotting myrddraal
  • Located in Thakan'dar (say issue quest)
  • Each target may be turned in up to ONCE only
75 altqps MINIMUM from leading kills:
  • Trolloc Masters with 1000+ qps will gain altqps for every grouped leading kill. A group member must be in the room for the kill and the group must land a killing blow. The altqps will be automatically awarded.

75 altqps maximum for Fade Candidate logs posted on Art of War Forum
  • Trolloc Masters with 1000+ qps may post 1 log per month on the Art of War forum for Immortal review and awards. Title of log must begin with “Fade Candidate” and will be awarded 0-25 altqps in increment of 5 based on quality of log.
Players are expected to keep track of their progress and their altqp pools. Any excess altqps in any section will be docked x3 unless willingly reported.

In the process of killing target rulers for altqps (city heads), the Master must be leading if there are other trollocs involved, there must be no remorts present in the zone or city leading up to, during, or after the hit.

For city head turn-ins, turn the proof in to Shaidar and mail the Staff the log of this plus a timestamp as well as the log of the kill. The Master must be alive and present when the target dies, and cannot die in the city afterwards or on the way back to Thakan'dar. The entire log of the combat (INCLUDING THE WALK BACK TO SAFETY) must be mailed to Staff.

Lastly, please make sure you lead when killing the plotting fades' notable targets, and no fade or dreadlords are present in the zone or city leading up to, during, or after the hit - in a similar manner like city hits.

Upon completing these requirements, contact a Watcher and you will be summoned by Shaidar Haran to become a Myrddraal.

(Last updated 2024-03-11)

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Re: Becoming a Myrddraal [UPDATED 3/11/24]

Post by Korsik » Mon Mar 11, 2024 10:28 am

Fade quest requirements have been an ongoing discussion for several months. We are moving away from Turn Points as a requirement, and reducing the smobbing portion. The intention is to avoid stacking one side to smash smobs. We will adjust the plotting fade smobs to remove stabbable mobs since this goes against the spirit of the fade quest requirements.

The notable changes are outlined below:
1) Turn Points are removed from the requirement
2) Cityheads are now worth 125 altqps
3) Plotting fade caps at 100 altqps
4) 500 altqps are required to fade

If you have altqps and you are curious about what these changes mean for your character, please direct any questions to Korsik on Discord or the Staff mudmail inbox. The short answer is that you will need two city head hits and 75 leading kills. Altqps over 100 for plotting fade, clanning and ranking, Justice turn-ins, and Turn Points will be used to fill your other requirements.