Knowing Your Place: Trollocs

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Knowing Your Place: Trollocs

Post by Rig » Wed Jan 25, 2023 7:28 pm

This is a reminder. Trollocs don’t make commands of the Myrddraal or Dreadlords. Trollocs do not demand anything, but offer subservience and immediate servitude by command in the order as follows:

Remort > Master > Clanned > Unclanned

You do not get to complain about, for example, being given items such as dodge basics, trinkets, onyx shield, jcuffs, heron scabbard, surcoat, only to then immediately whine about how the rules used to be different because someone else took, for example, a silver medallion and dragon belt and you did not get it.

I, myself, will no longer adhere to worms and those who think they have the right to demand equipment, scalps, and other items while I am present after pk. I will split as seen fit by myself, and myself only.

Any complaints, or begrudging input will be met with a singular warning to hold your tongue.

A second complaint or begrudging input will be met with a warrant for the time period of two weeks and 3 quest points rewarded for your scalp to any clanned trolloc who silences you.

A third complaint or any input thereafter by the aggrieved will receive double the penalty and will be warranted for the span of 1 full month.

A disclaimer to those who are hard of understanding:
If you feel a split is unjust, you are within your right to say so. However, labeling others as greedy or unfair after being given more things than you actually deserved, will not be tolerated by me. To go onwards and then complain about it afterwards regardless of your contribution will be met with the above punishments by myself where I am involved. If this is unsatisfactory to you, then I suggest learning to lead yourselves.