Friends of the Dark

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Friends of the Dark

Post by Mendoze » Thu Jan 20, 2022 8:54 am

I am available for a few aspiring individuals who want to make progression gaining favor of the Dark Lord. Let me set a few expectations up front:

1) Each person I take on will be expected to complete a meaningful series of events that will actually benefit the dark side.
***OOC: We will work together on a storyline that (hopefully) will retain meaning to you (as the player behind the keyboard) as well as something your character can be tied to as meaningful for the Dark.

2) Your time and efforts are meaningless to me; you are the scum needing to gain favor, not me:
***OOC: I’m limited to a small amount of alt qps, but I’m being up front and honest that to get my max alt qps awards, I will expect more than others probably do. The only thing I offer in return is potentially and hopefully having something your character can hold onto. If you’re doing something so epic that I feel it’s worth extra attention, I’ll make note of it to the dark Imms and see what can be done.

3) Killing other humans is for trollocs – don’t take that away from them
***OOC: Times on the mud change as do expectations. I generally prefer all DF’s to be the unknown flavor working behind the scenes but I’m also aware that things change with various leaders over time. I’m mostly interested in working with DFs of the unknown type but not against helping the known flavors if you fell into a time and situation where being known was the only known path forward.

Message me if interested – but do not waste my time if you’re not willing to put energy into this.

~ Mendoze