The Great Lord's Favor

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The Great Lord's Favor

Post by Rig » Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:03 pm

From Kings of WoTMUD™ to the hordes of the Great Lord:

We'd like to invite all DS trolloc players to an event on Friday the 29th of October, at 8pm-12am server time.

A while ago some of you will remember the Culling event where we had some games, giveaways and one clan recieved master bonuses for a month!

This time round we are going to tone back the destruction, have some games, a race, some trivia and potentially a few 1v1 fights for a swath of prizes.

If we get a large enough turn out we will drop 100k into the ds treasurer and a clan will again recieve master bonuses for a month.

Prizes will include:

War maul
Hooked swords
Knife axe
Obsidian staves
Nimble cuendillar blades
Gleaming blacksword
Razor longsword
Ornate shirt
Onyx shields
Heron Greatsword
Many vials/str teas

And some other goodies.

We will also be giving out cash to the winners of these prizes so that they may reset to their prize upon receiving it, if needed.

Would love to see people join us for a good or a bad time!

- Rig, Anansi, Big Fade, Fiddler.