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Post by Rig » Mon Sep 20, 2021 10:56 pm

For some unfathomable reason, there appears to be some confusion amongst beasts of the Great Lord. I will explain it simply.

During pk:
You do not ask. You do not ask for gear. You do not ask about gear. You don't ask for scalps. You do not ask about scalps. You are not humans. You are not wealthy. You are beasts of war for the Great Lord, and your only purpose is to kill humans without question. You listen, without question. If you are given something of value (rares/uniques) by the grace of one of the the Myrddraal or Dreadlords, you are not to put it in your rent or to trade it. You are expected to use these items immediately. If you are given scalps of humans slain or equipment by the grace of one of the Myrddraal or Dreadlords, it will be by showing you are valuable and worth rewarding.

In the coming weeks there will be harsh lessons taught to those who refuse to follow or regulate themselves. You will find yourselves hunted by other beasts of the shadow, and unwelcome within the halls of which you are allowed to feast on human flesh. It's not up for debate. You are expected to obey, and you will obey. If you continue to disobey, and refuse to acknowledge these rulings, then you are welcome to try and kill those whom you feel have slighted you.

There will be another post followed by this in the mentioned coming weeks. It will exist to help cull some of the still existing confusion. It will outline how trollocs are expected to act.

There will be another post followed by the above concerning Myrddraal and Dreadlords and how they are expected to behave.