The Corenne sets it's sights on Tear

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The Corenne sets it's sights on Tear

Post by Dheth » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:52 pm

From Falme to the distant shores of Seandar and the isles of the Seafolk in between there is a flurry of activity seen in every port available. The armies of the Corenne assemble, strange beasts are loaded onto ships along with their handlers and the supplies they will require. Formations of soldiers and conscripts alike march and drill. The banners of the Empress are ready to move. The Blood seeks to win Glory for their Houses and conquer in the name of the Empress!

To the High Lords of Tear.

The Corenne assembles and shall soon be on your shores. For too long have you opposed our soldiers on the outpost docks. This land belongs to the Corenne. Your harassment will no longer be tolerated.
For too long you have sheltered Oathbreakers and traitors amongst your Bannermen, their heads will be sent to the Tower of Ravens in the name of the Empress.
You were invited to the table to negotiate. Instead of negotiations you delivered us with feckless half measures and pleasantries that are as worthless to the Seanchan Empire as the spineless Tairen that wrote them.

Our demands are as follows:

To better ensure our soldiers and interests are protected and further trouble with Tear is avoided:
(Pool 1)
The bridgeguards are to be replaced by a patrol of Seanchan soldiers.
A Tairen High Lord shall be sent to learn the ways of the Empire wherever the Blood would host him(Hostage)
A seanchan recruiter, and his retinue will be installed in Tear(Embassy).

As penance for the crimes Tear has committed against the Empire:
(Pool 2)
20,000 crowns will be paid to the Imperial Treasury.
An advisor will be appointed to Tear
The public execution of Thyco, Tanak, and the Councilors who allowed them shelter among the ranks of the Defenders of the Stone.

Following the war, the Defenders of the Stone and the Tairen people will be allowed to Swear the Oaths and be welcome as friends of the Seanchan Empire.

Signed by, Dheth Riddari, Morat’Torm Council, former Rider for the Hailene

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Re: The Corenne sets it's sights on Tear

Post by Elysia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:44 am

As the Defenders have failed to post their demands in a timely fashion, their demands will mirror the above as closely as is possible.

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