Seanchan Wanted List

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Seanchan Wanted List

Post by Marrek » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:00 pm

The Ever Victorious Army marches towards the Corenne. In doing so, citizens of the Empire may be given the opportunity to Swear the Oaths as an alternative to execution. There are those, however, where no exceptions can be made. If you are affiliated with Tar Valon or the Dragonsworn, you will be hunted and killed above all others.

Additionally, there are Oathbreakers and Darkfriends that are Wanted for crimes of treason against the Empire. Expect that if you make it onto this list, you will be hunted with no hope of redemption. Expect to be hunted and killed in preference to any other Oathbreaker.

Seanchan Wanted
Thyco - Renounced the Oaths (Tales)
Tanak - Renounced the Oaths (Tales)
Traoil - Renounced the Oaths (Tales)
Meren - Known Darkfriend
Acheron - Renounced the Oaths (Tales)
Yeri - Renounced the Oaths (Tales)
Tekela - Former Seanchan

Marrek Oliver, Deathwatch Council.