The Rules of the Seanchan Empire

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The Rules of the Seanchan Empire

Post by Marrek » Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:24 am

The following is a compiled list of laws and code of conduct for the Seanchan Empire:

1) Seanchan are not allowed to attack any other seanchan, with the following exceptions.

A friendly spar, between 2 fighters. These may take place only outside our cities, or in the square of dishonor.
To kill a seanchan who is named a murderer, and is listed in the wanted thread.
On order of one of the higher ranking seanchan.

2) It is not permitted to:

Attack ravens inside the palace of the capital city, Seandar.
Attack any of the exotic beasts (lopar (including the pups), torm, raken, damane, grolm, to'raken, corlm) or horses (on seanchan).
Wear trinkets and clothing which belong to the oathbreakers and/or trollocs.
Hunt and kill any captain with exceptence of the shady sea captain at the most northern dock on seanchan.
Hoard equipment taken in battle. This gear is first and foremost for those soldiers in need. Hoarding such when need has been demonstrated by active soldiers is illegal.
Claim to be a member of the Seekers of Truth, OR to be a member of the Fists of Heaven. Claiming to be one of the members of these organizations result in death.

3) Conscripts and civilians will not:

Administer the oaths. This includes trading any form of gear with oathbreakers, letting oathbreakers swear the oaths, or contact oathbreakers.
Seek out oathbreakers or shadowspawn with the purpose of suicide.

4) Every conscript and civilian will show proper respect and deference to those who are higher up in the chain of command.

The chain of command is as follows:

a) The Imperial Family:

The Empress, may She live forever.
The Daughter of the Nine Moons.
The others who belong to the Imperial Family.

b) Those of the blood:

The High lords and Ladies
The other lords and ladies.

c) The Ever Victorious Army:

Matters of the blood: The Deathwatch - Morat'raken - Morat'torm - Other Ever Victorious Army Affiliates.
During battle: Morat'torm - Morat'raken - Imperial Army - Deathwatch.
*Note: It goes without saying, Damane are not afforded any jurisdiction in any matters.

5) Regarding those who are affiliated with Oathbreaker organisations:

a) The treaty between the Seanchan Empire and the Borderlands is to be respected at all times, unless the treaty is declared null and void.
b) Affiliates of Tar Valon and the Dragonsworn are never afforded the opportunity to Swear the Oaths and should be hunted at all opportunities - except in situations where a treaty is in effect.
c) Discretion in allowing affiliates of the Kandori Merchant Guild, Wisdoms, Gleeman and Illuminators to Swear the Oaths should be used - except in situations where the affiliate is known to either be a marath'damane or is outwardly aggressive towards the Seanchan Empire.

Signed on behalf of the Ever Victorious Army,
Marrek Oliver, Deathwatch Council
Varcoz Martell, Deathwatch Council
Inquish, Deathwatch Council