Announcement Beneath the Seal of the Imperial Games

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Announcement Beneath the Seal of the Imperial Games

Post by nargus » Sat May 01, 2021 2:09 pm

A gilded parchment bearing the rose seal of the Seanchan Imperial Games

Let it be known that the Imperial Games will commence on Saturday, May 8 an 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Pre-game registration and events will commence one hour prior, and contestants are strongly encouraged to register with the Commissioner during that time. The Games are expected to last two hours, including the awards ceremony.

The Games will be held in Almoth Village.

Contestants should arrive equipped with whatever they deem necessary for their participation, including weapons, armor, food, drink, and mount of choice. While the Games will provide refreshments, the quantities are not guaranteed to serve your participation needs.

*A Special Announcement
For the first time ever, as a show of the many benefits that await joyous acceptance of the Empire, the Imperial Games will be open to all comers. Those Sworn to the Empire are invited to participate, as are any Oathbreakers who have not committed acts of aggression against the Empire. While the grand champion titles and attendant prizes will only be available to citizens of the Empire, other prizes will be available to all participants.

Oathbreakers that come in peace will be guaranteed safe passage to and from the event, as long as Imperial law is followed during the time.

*Prizes to Include, but not Limited To
A pair of gold-hilted hooked swords
A massive war maul
A pair of moonstone hilted dirks
A wicked knife bladed axe

The Grand Prizes
A shocklance
A belt bearing a dragon worked in silver
A heron-marked longsword
A triple bladed dagger

Criminals wanted by the Empire are not invited, and any profaning this day with their presence will be terminated with extreme prejudice.
Marath'damane are welcome to join our newest event, a 'who wore it best' collar competition. No other participation will be permitted.
Tainted males are free to submit to Imperial mercy, but otherwise are not invited.
Shadowspawn approaching the vicinity will be conscripted into our 'Pin the dagger on the unwelcome pest's posterior' carnival game.
If you find your love of the Empire lasting more than four hours, please consult your nearest Imperial recruitment officer.
Prize list subject to change.