Those Sworn to the Crystal Throne

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Those Sworn to the Crystal Throne

Post by Namor » Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:57 pm

Expectations of those (Sworn) to the Empress and the Corenne

If you swear oaths to the Empress and the Corenne, you are agreeing to a few things.

You will obey. This means when you are given an order by a Seanchan soldier you will obey that order.

You will await. This means you will await the Corenne.

You will serve. Within reason, identified by the Empress or her appointees, you will do as a Seanchan soldier asks. Be it serving as entertainment for the Corenne, trading with the Seanchan, healing the wounds of our soldiers (as long as you are not marath’damane), or providing information to the soldiers of the Corenne about Oathbreaker and their lands; swearing the oaths does not exclusively mean you will not be attacked.


When you are Sworn to the Empress, you are now considered a citizen of the Seanchan Empire and are afforded the protection of our forces.

You will be expected to follow Seanchan laws and customs.

You may live and travel through the lands of the Oathbreakers.

If you are sworn but oppose the Empress or the Corenne in any way you will be hunted as an Oathbreaker and become Wanted in our lands.

If you are grouped with Oathbreakers and a Seanchan force attacks, you will be expected to leave the group and the area.

If shadowspawn attack you and Seanchan are around, you will be expected to defend yourself and follow the orders given to you by any Seanchan to the best of your ability.

You will show respect to all Seanchan in your interactions with us, or face due punishment, up to and including death.