Damane Recruitment

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Damane Recruitment

Post by Gaia » Mon Feb 08, 2021 6:43 am

The Sul’dam of the Empire are venturing forth to begin the testing. Women of the local villages should be prepared as the Sul’dam visit to assess their ability to train a damane. The Empire will also take this opportunity to capture any marath’damane that are uncovered.

Those who wish to be the first among those tested would serve themselves well to write in advance - paying particular attention to taking care in their letter as we will only assess those early if their letter is deemed of sufficient quality.

Equally - if there are concerns of a marath’damane in your local village, please write to us and provide as much detail as you can to allow us to quickly find and safely remove them.

This round of testing will last only for a short time, so if you intend to write to us, be swift about it.