Ever Victorious Army Logistics and Recruitment

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Ever Victorious Army Logistics and Recruitment

Post by Drol » Fri Apr 10, 2020 10:50 pm

The Ever Victorious Army – formerly the Imperial Army – has seen changes in recent times and it is important this is clarified.

The Ever Victorious Army now consists of the Seanchan Imperial Guard, the Morat’torm, the Morat’raken, the Mandarb a’Shar and the White Leopards*. With the exception of the Seanchan Imperial Guard, soldiers seeking to join any branch of the Ever Victorious Army should contact that regiment directly.

*The White Leopards is currently occupied by the Sul’dam and Damane. When they are granted their own clan by the Empress, may She live forever, the White Leopards will be returned to the heavy armored soldiers as it was previously. Further details regarding this and how to clan there will be considered in the future.

The Seanchan Imperial Guard will accept applicants who have joined the Ever Victorious Army and have achieved the appropriate merit to attain Rank 3. Successful applicants will be added to the Seanchan Imperial Guard at Rank 3. Ever Victorious Army applicants to the Seanchan Imperial Guard should contact the SIG Council.

Clanning in the EVA can be achieved by sending a letter to either the EVA Council OR the SIG Council and you will be given further instructions. It is entirely possible to remain just in the EVA without joining a clan further and you may choose to do this, for example, if you wish to learn to train a corlm, grolm or lopar.

For further information, contact myself or a Councillor of a specific clan.

Lord Drol Al'Drakken, Banner-General
Commander of the Seanchan Imperial Guard and Ever Victorious Army Council.